Top EPL Strikers in 2017/18 – Sergio Aguero (Man City)


Being a striker is no easy job. If you do a good job, then you have just been doing your job. If you go through a bad patch, then you are lambasted and ridiculed for not being any good at what you are supposed to do. Fortunately for Sergio Aguero, rarely have any such accusations be directed in his direction because, quite frankly, he is incredibly good at what he does. Being one of the main strikers for a team who were expected to challenge for the Premier League title (and ultimately won it very comfortably) is never going to be a challenge to relish for most individuals – it is literally make or break time. Aguero, however, has taken it all in his stride and shown just how good he really is.

Earlier on in the season things didn’t go quite as planned for Diego Maradona’s former son-in law. Having started well, Aguero travelled to Amsterdam to attend a concert and wound up involved in a road traffic accident, sidelining him temporarily after suffering damage to his arm. He returned much quicker than most expected him to, however, and Aguero has never looked back since. He helped guide City to a record-setting 19 point advantage at the top of the Premier League by the season’s conclusion, winning City’s – and his – third Premier League title in the process.

Aguero finished up with 100 fantasy points, just like City in the league! That tally made him the second best striker in the Premier League after Tottenham forward Harry Kane, and the seventh best player in the English top flight overall. Undoubtedly the highlight of his season was when he struck four goals in the 5-1 win against Leicester on 10th February, earning himself 18 points in that one game alone. A 14m valuation is always going to make someone think twice before including a player in his fantasy team, but with Aguero it tends to be a case of you get what you pay for – he was wonderful when he took to the pitch this season.

Following the Leicester game, he only made three more league appearances before the end of the campaign, making his 100 point total even more impressive. At just 1m more than Kane, Aguero represented as close to good value as one would get with the Spurs striker, and so Aguero caps off an impressive season in second place on the Premier League’s top strikers in 2017/18 chart.

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