Bonucci comments on Juventus return and relationship with Allegri


Leonardo Bonucci talked about his Milan move and subsequent return to Juventus in an interview with Corriere dello Sport: “It was a weird feeling. I was in a new place, but it was like I never left. Same faces, same hugs. This stadium, this team, this town are my home. It was nice to share the locker room again with Giorgio Chiellini and Andrea Barzagli. Leaving it all was hard and I made that choice because I was angry. This experience taught me that in those moments the instinct can lead you to bad decisions that would not have been taken with a clearer mind.”

“During the last four months of that season, some things happened that struck me directly in my pride, at a personal and intimate level and I was unable to let them slide. After some time away and looking at it from afar, I realized that it was not the right decision. Only here and with this jersey I can fulfill my potential on and off the pitch. I had the luck to be able to put together the negotiation to return with my agent and president Andrea Agnelli and I understood that coming back was the only thing that I truly wanted. I am very thankful.”

On the reported tension with Massimiliano Allegri: “He is a great coach, but things like this happen in football because of the stress and the importance of what is at stake. We had some arguments, also some spirited ones. Then, since we are grown-up and intelligent persons, we cleared the air and moved forward together toward our shared goal.”

On Cristiano Ronaldo: “He is humble, super helpful, he stimulates everybody. He practices with insane intensity for being a five-time Ballon d’Or winner. He can teach us a lot.”

On the Champions League: “The management built a roster that can fight with the other top two or three teams in the European landscape to achieve this dream. Cristiano makes it more realistic and feasible. However, who plays football knows that it is also a matter of luck, sacrifice and team work.”

On the young defenders: “Alessio Romagnoli improved a lot, he has more experience and charisma now. I like Daniele Rugani a lot. Filippo Romagna is now at Cagliari, but spent time here and I think he will be able to return, he has very high upside.”

On the fans booing him: “I deserved it, like I did with the applause lately and I hope to keep deserving them because that would tell me I am doing my job right. I am happy where I am at. The booing gave me energy on one side, but also discouraged me on the other. Then the cheers came in and I hope they will become louder and louder.”

On the social media threats: “They went too far. I am used to those because of my transfer to Milan, but I clapped back when they talked about my kids. They are exaggerating on those platforms.”

On his future: “My dream is to coach a top team, possibly Juventus. I am paying attention to and treasuring all the secrets of different coaches. Many people tell me that I have the tools to become a coach. I have been thinking about that for years. It would be nice to extend my career in football like that, maybe at Juventus.”

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