Agnelli’s opening speech at Juventus shareholders’ meeting


Andrea Agnelli spoke today to address the shareholders that are meeting today and throughout the day will approve the financial statement, which will be in the red for the first time in four years, and name the new board of directors.

Here are the president’s that touched on several topics: “Report, a TV show, recently focused on some facts regarding the relationship between the club and the organized fans that have already been judged in every branch. Juventus were punished by the sports justice for selling tickets beyond the limits of four per person and for letting some insulting signs enter the stadium. The security manager Alessandro D’Angelo did not help in introducing the Superga-related banners in the 2013 Derby and that has been established in a sentence. Some people confessed and were sanctioned, thanks to our security systems. Every other claim has to be considered false or unfounded because it does not take into account the evidence or the sentences.”

On the financial growth: “In 2010 the revenues were less than €200M, now we are over €500M. On the sporting side, we won seven Scudetti, four Coppa Italia and reached the Champions League final twice. We won one title with the women’s team as well.”

On Cristiano Ronaldo: “The fact that the strongest player in the world chose to join Juventus is a huge reason to be proud. Having the best professionals in their respective roles helps achieving our goals.”

On the next six-year cycle: “Our pillars will be services, revenues and the sports side until 2024. I would like to thank Aldo Mazzia and Giuseppe Marotta, our previous CEOs: their ability and experience were instrumental in our improvement. In order to replace them, we have decided to give more responsibilities to other executives that were already with the club and who achieved brilliant results over the years.”

On the U-23 team: “It will be a way to help the youngsters who could make their way to the first team.”

On the squad: “Our objective is to maintain what we have fought hard for in these years.”

On the management: “The services area, led by Marco Re, will have to provide the sports side, headed by Fabio Paratici, with the resources needed to pursue our targets. The revenue part, run by Giorgio Ricci, will have to consolidate our role as a world power also economically and in society. Juventus was not formed by three people, but rather is a group of men and women that work every day to allow the team to win on the pitch.”

On the new FIGC president: “I wish Gabriele Gravina good luck. I will try to give my contribution, they have a big challenge ahead. I hope that they will have sense of responsibility and will involve Serie A while trying to accomplish their mission. I hope there will be more second teams and that they could get promoted, like abroad. The amateurs should just to have fun and promote football. We need to get as many kids to play as possible to find new talent.”

On the football politics: “Football has to unify, it is not politics. We all have the same goal of making the movement grow and helping the Italian teams win in Europe and in football. We need to have a clear strategy together. We want to win the World Cup again. We need concord, but the banter is fine. Hate is a another thing.”

On the Champions League and the overall schedule: “The format will not change until 2024. There is some disorder and the clubs would like to harmonize the international tournaments in the even years and in the summer. We need to rationalize the domestic league and re-distribute the games. Some regional leagues could be an option. We will have to guarantee the players a full month of rest at least in the odd years and re-think the dates when athletes are with the national teams. FIFA are pondering about new competitions, but everything is set until 2024. The relationship is tense with them, while ECA is working alongside UEFA to find some shared solutions.”

Later on, the chairman answered some questions from the shareholders and the press: “We can not increase the capacity of the Stadium, if we wanted a bigger arena, we would have to build a new one. We are not thinking about that: we have considered the population of Turin and thinking back I would have built it with the same number of seats, if not less, to have it full in every game.”

“We are in favour of an 18-team Serie A, but it is something that has to involve the whole European landscape. We do not plan to exit from UEFA to create a Superleague, in January we will start to think about what will happen after 2024. We will have discuss the access to the continental competitions.”

On Cristiano Ronaldo: “I talked to him directly and looked him in the eyes like I did when Antonio Conte and D’Angelo had some issues. Those are personal matters, but his attitude confirms his serenity. We support him like we do with everybody related to Juventus when we think that their behavior was correct.”

On the fluctuating stock quotation: “There was a rally followed by a recent plunge, which was caused by the initial enthusiasm and then some cashed in.”

The exit of Marotta was made official today: “These are the deadlines for a listed company, so the timing is natural. We decided to change the leadership, but that does not take away our affection and gratitude towards Marotta. We could not plan the succession plan in advance.”

On the Ultras: “It is mandatory to have a relationship with the fans, also with the hottest ones. We apologized to Torino president Urbano Cairo and we will talk again soon, but we are not responsible for those banners. It is a painful story, but we respect the sentences. Like the one that sent us in Serie B, a league that we played in and won, but in our stadium we can display whatever we want.”

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