Buffon returns on his farewell and Bernardeschi discusses being at Juventus


Gianluigi Buffon participated to the TV show Tiki Taka and added some tidbits about his departure from Juventus, confirming it was a mutual decision: “I miss it, I do not want to say that it was my whole life, but it was certainly an important part of it. I lived it for 20 years, spending every ounce of sweat for the cause. However, there are moments when it is right look each other in the eyes, realize that it is time for something new and hug it out.”

“I understood it was over while talking amicably with the president, after such a long and stressful period, because being a Juventus player and captain wears you down even though it is an honor. I could either retire or keep playing, but only if I received an incredible proposal to do it at a high level. I would not have moved to an exotic league. In May, PSG made me consider extending my career for one or two more years. It was an unnatural but pondered decision. We parted sweetly, as I, and everybody else, wanted.”

“I would like to face Juventus, but not in the Champions League final: it would be a low blow and I would not be able to perform at my best. I would be okay in the other rounds.”

On this year’s squad: “It looks like the usual Juventus, plus Cristiano Ronaldo. The mindset, the values and the core are the same, then they added a great player. After so many successful years, they need a shock to re-create the enthusiasm and find new energies to keep it going. After seven Scudetti, winning can not be taken for granted, even though you are stronger than the opponents. The only way to reawaken everybody was to buy somebody big.”

On that night in Madrid: “I did that interview because I was out of the grace of God. I needed to air it out immediately and I would not have said the same things after few days, I knew I exaggerated. However, I needed to do it. I am not suggesting I did the right thing, it was the wrong example, but I could not have done differently and I would do it again, then I would apologize to the referee. The fact that it could have been my last Champions League game or that I was aiming at winning it had nothing to do with it. It was a sporting feat that I could have told my grandkids, because coming back from 0-3 in Madrid never happens. It was a questionable call in the stoppage time and, after such a game and what happened in the first leg, a more experienced referee would not have made that call, I am 100% sure of it.”

Federico Bernardeschi talked about his time so far at Juventus to Gazzetta dello Sport during a Randstad event: “You have to challenge yourself every day, set new goals, even small ones: this motivates you and keeps your head 100 percent in your work. We have the highest example of that here. Being here accelerates your growing process, not only football-wise. It is a particular and fascinating world. You are asked to do your best every day, but in return you get some tips, from every component of the club, that makes you a better person. Juventus gave me a lot, I hope to give something in return.”

“You have to work on your mentality, because that must be cultivated like your talent. The coach is right when he says that football belongs to the artists: the manager is important, but we get on the pitch. My favorite thing while playing is assisting a teammate, because your piece of skill makes somebody else rejoice.”

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