Three things we learned from AC Milan’s 0-0 draw at Frosinone

After yet another 0-0 draw, AC Milan now haven’t scored in four consecutive league games for the first time since 1984. Statistics which highlight the current crisis that Gattuso’s squad is experiencing. 

The Rossoneri were quite sluggish throughout, though they came close to taking the lead through Castillejo. However, the Spaniard hit the post, and then the goalkeeper got lucky as the ball bounced off his back. Against Torino, Bologna and Fiorentina, Milan struggled to create chances and so was the case today. In other words, it was a very frustrating game to watch from a Milan perspective, and down below are three things we learned from the game. 

1. Higuain can’t keep blaming the service

Ahead of the game, the Argentinian hadn’t scored for eight consecutive games, though most of the fans blamed this on the service, which he hadn’t got. However, today, he got several chances both outside and inside the box, all of which he failed to convert.

The best chance came in the 89th minute, when Calhanoglu squared the ball to Higuain. The big summer signing was left with only the goalkeeper to beat, more or less, but he skied his attempt. In other words, the service was certainly there today, and Higuain can no longer use this aspect as a scapegoat.

2. Gattuso on the brink 

Beforehand, we spoke about this game as a must-win for Gattuso. Therefore, given that he only got one point out of this game, his position will surely be questioned by the management. Whether that will get him sacked today is another question, though it’s clear that a win against SPAL might not even be enough for Rino.

Possible replacements include Wenger and Conte, however, it remains unknown if any of these two are willing to join in the middle of the season, especially given the chaotic situation at Milan. In any case, Gattuso is playing a dangerous game, which he certainly won’t be allowed to do forever.

3. Donnarumma is back

Milan can take at least one positive aspect out of this game: Gigio Donnarumma was brilliant once again. In recent games, we’ve started to see saves from the youngster which remind us of the ones he made during his debut season.Today, he was instrumental in keeping the game tied. In addition to a few good routine saves, Gigio made an incredible acrobatic save in the 93rd minute to deny Ciano.

Had it not been for that save, then the day would’ve certainly been much worse for AC Milan and Gattuso. In many ways, Donnarumma is probably responsible for the improvements that the Rossoneri have seen in defence, as a calm and composed goalkeeper is vital for a healthy backline. All that’s left for the team is to see the same improvement up front.

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