Legend Cristiano Ronaldo continues to score goals in Italy with Juventus


When Cristiano Ronaldo arrived in Italy he arrived with a reputation that included breaking almost every goal scoring record that was ever recorded, if it wasn’t him it was Lionel Messi. This is why Juventus were happy to spend £100m on a player who is 33, and we will likely never see such money thrown down for a player of his age again.

The question for Ronaldo wasn’t about if he would win more titles in his career, that seems a given at a side as strong and dominant as Juventus, but could a player who has scored freely in the Premier League and La Liga do the same in Serie A?

Ronaldo has said himself that the league is tight, the play hard and that there is not much space for forwards to get the opportunity to score goals. In short he is playing in the best defensive league that he has ever known.

And yet once we take a look at his goal scoring feats this season we must just wonder how great is the Portuguese player? He has scored 14 goals in just 19 matches in the league and in all competitions he has 15 from 24. He is on course to have his best goal scoring season league wise since 2015/16 and he is getting older which simply is not affecting him.

In Italy it is very rare for a goal scorer to get past 30 goals in a season. Of course we all know who is sitting at the top of the goal scorer standings? That’s right CR7 himself. He leads by 1 goal and nothing will give him satisfaction than by finishing in the top spot. In the last two seasons the top goal scorers have been Ciro Immobile and Eden Dzeko who both reached 29 goals each and the season before was very special when Gonzalo Higuaín scored 36 goals, this is an all time record in the league and Ronaldo may just have one eye on this.

But Ronaldo has done much more than just score goals and let’s face it if Ronaldo was not playing at Juventus they would still be leading the table by some 10 points and would still win the league. He adds that touch of luxury and what has been most impressive is that he wants to integrate into the team. In short he wants to become a legend at the club just like he has done with Manchester United and Real Madrid.

The ultimate prize for Ronaldo and Juventus will of course be the Champions League, Juventus are looking for their first win in 23 years, Ronaldo is looking for his 4th in a row. Can the serial winner make Juve the serial winners in Europe? Watch this space.

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