Manchester City and Liverpool clash was a great spectacle for the Premier League


Manchester City, the current Premier League champions beat Liverpool the team in first place by 2-1 in a quite enthralling game of football which proved what we already know, the Premier League is the best league in Europe if not the world.

The intensity of the match lasted the whole 90 minutes as both teams instead of playing cautious went for the win. In truth City needed too as they were 7 points behind Liverpool coming into this game. But no one settled, ever. When City were 1-0 up they didn’t retreat to defence. When at 1-1 Liverpool did not fold their cards and think if it stays a draw this is a good result, which it would have been. No both teams went for the 3 points and one ended up getting it.

The goals were special too, including a seemingly impossible angle for Sergio Aguero which just underlines the player as one of the best Premier League strikers of all time. But it was a game full of chances, pressure, skill, magic and heartbreak and this is what the Premier League wants to advertise.

For many years the league has been touted, mostly within England, as the best league in Europe. Of course bias comes to mind when we think of that, but it does seem to be truthful in 2018.

Yes the Premier League doesn’t boast the very best players who have scooped up awards in the past few years and there hasn’t been an English club who has won the Champions League since 2012 when Chelsea beat Bayern Munich. However what league gives us such competitive football?

In Spain Barcelona have been made to work harder this year and Real Madrid have lost Zinedine Zidane and Cristiano Ronaldo so are experiencing a tougher season than usual, but you get the feeling the cream will rise to the top. In Italy Juventus are in the lead by over 10 points and still have not lost. But in England everything remains open- the league winner, a top 4 place and relegation, nothing is certain.

It is also the fact that every team can beat anyone. Witness Manchester City losing to Crystal Palace and Leicester. Or Tottenham so solid this season collapsing against Wolves, it happens. And it is what makes the Premier League so exciting to watch.

If we want to spend the day picking up the mistakes in the league from strikers missing good opportunities to defenders making silly decisions, that happens too- I would hazard a bet it happens in every league. But even if it does happen more in England, so what? What does it matter when the league is this competitive and exciting.

It is anyone’s guess what will happen next.


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