Bernardeschi and Szczesny talk being at Juventus and more


As they returned to Turin, the players resumed talking to the press. Federico Bernardeschi gave an interview to Sky Sport: “I found the squad in fine conditions after the break, we have two key games right away, where we can achieve two of our goals. We will surely approach them in the best possible way.”

“The Bologna match will not be easy for sure, it will be the first one after the pause, so it will be more demanding and we will need to be more careful than usual. Restarting immediately at the same levels is never easy. The next two clashes are completely different, even though they are both crucial, since they could allow us to either win or move forward in a competition. They are must-win games. There will be some climatic differences in Jeddah, but I think we will not have much trouble dealing with them. The approach to the match will be more important.”

On Cristiano Ronaldo: “You can learn something just by looking at him. He is a regular guy, but a great champion. The mentality he acquired during his career took everybody by surprise. He has been a revelation on a human and emotional level, on the way he relates in the locker room, on how he can motivate the teammates and raise everybody’s level of responsibility during matches and in practice. He is an outstanding professional and it is very healthy to have him on the roster.”

On his season: “I have gone through two small injuries, but that is part of the job. I have to find more continuity while training to help the team. We are working hard, the coach is giving me some tips on how to improve. A footballer needs to question and challenge himself constantly, especially mentally, to be focused all the time. Being at Juventus boosted my confidence, strength and potential and helped me groom my talent with a dose of humility.”

On the mentality: “You see it every day. When you get on the pitch, you have to give everything you have. You realize it slowly that being at Juventus means just that and it is different from other teams.”

On the Champions League: “We need to prepare well for every game prior to the Atletico Madrid ones, they will allow us to arrive there in the best condition, then the tension will go up a notch. I would be happy if Juventus achieved all their goals and I could help with that.”

Wojciech Szczesny instead spoke to the League’s site: “When you arrive at Juventus, winning is the only thing that matters. We reached our first target, which was to advance in Champions League. We are atop of the Serie A standings and our results say that we have done better than a year ago. The one thing that matters, though, is to bring every trophy home in May. Who is with us understand that and it is the reason why we are so successful.”

On Gianluigi Buffon: “He was pretty young when he won the World Cup in 2006 and he was already a Juventus legend. The year as his understudy was very usefully, also humanly. He is a champion, but first of all a great friend. This stays with you and also impacts the defenders technically. You can get better if you help each other. I learned the biggest lessons while listening to him in practice and before the games.”

On Ronaldo: “He is 33-year-old, he has won everything, one would think he could take it is easy, but instead he is a machine. You notice that, he takes everything so seriously. He is determined, he wants to score with every shot and win every challenge while training. He is great technically, but his attitude is special.”

On Mario Mandzukic: “He is that kind of player that could be helpful for any team. His contribution is incredible, because he is the first one to defend and to start the press. He can run for 90 minutes without getting tired and that encourages everybody to give something more.”

On Rome: “The city is bigger and life is more chaotic there. Here you focus on footall, you go to practice, you eat and you rest.”

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