Barcelona shouldn’t make Munir an outcast

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If, as has been rumoured, Munir El Haddadi’s agent has demanded vast sums to ensure his client will sign a new deal at Barcelona, one can perhaps understand the club’s ire at being held to ransom.

Frankly, agents are the bane of the modern game, but for many players, they are a necessary evil when it comes to the business side of their employment.It’s been obvious ever since the youngster moved back to the club on the promise of more football, that nothing could be further from the truth, and a move away is the only real option for both player and club.

However, looking at the situation objectively, the Catalans could be scoring a huge own goal by letting the player either rot on the sidelines for six months or selling him in January.

Why? Ernesto Valverde is relying on Luis Suarez not getting injured, or if he does, the make up of his front line will have to be significantly changed.

Moving into the business end of a campaign, a team needs to be settled and all pulling for the same cause.

Maybe the decision isn’t Valverde’s, given that he said at a press conference the club had made it, rather than suggesting it was he himself that made the call. But it’s hard to believe that the coach wouldn’t have been consulted on the matter though.

Clearly, things are destined not to work out at the Camp Nou, but Munir could at least offer a supplementary presence until the end of the season if nothing else. Cover for when others, particularly Suarez, need a rest.

Trailing in the Copa Del Rey against Levante with the first leg showing that all Barca were missing was a striker, the return would be the perfect opportunity to throw Munir into the spotlight and give Suarez some more much-needed time off.

That’s no longer an option and making the player an outcast for whatever time he has left at the club smacks of cutting their noses off to spite their faces.

There’s been no hint of unprofessionalism from Munir himself, who appears to have conducted himself professionally since returning to the fold, and despite being consistently overlooked in 2018/19.

Only time will tell if the Blaugrana have made the correct call or if their hastiness – seen in the purchases of Yerry Mina and Malcom too – will come back to bite them.

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