Gazzetta journalist urges Icardi and Wanda to respect Inter


Following Mauro Icardi’s display of outrage on social media yesterday, the deputy editor of La Gazzetta dello Sport has written an official response to the events that led Inter’s captain to make such a public show of defiance. Indeed, Andrea Di Caro was scathing in his criticism of the manner in which Wanda Nara – MI9’s agent-wife – is handling negotiations regarding her husband’s contract renewal. Here is what the highly-respected reporter said in his column:

“Gazzetta did not invent the fact that the club is annoyed. The annoyance is as real as the annoyance experienced by Inter due to Icardi’s delayed return from his holiday, which led to him being fined €100,000. Meanwhile, Wanda is saying things like ‘an agreement is far away’ and ‘other teams are interested in Mauro’. Naturally, her words have created tension within the club, so much so that CEO Beppe Marotta will ask her to stay out of the limelight while talks are ongoing.”

Di Caro then defended what had been written previously and also explained the responsibility that comes with being captain of such a prestigious club: “The opportunity was there to explain how Inter would like to plan for a successful future with their most important player on board. Mauro Icardi labelled the article as ‘crap’ via his Instagram profile, pointing out that Wanda will always take care of his interests while explaining to the fans that he is yet to receive an offer from the Nerazzurri.

“Perhaps the real problem is not what Icardi thinks of our article but that he has not understood Inter’s point of view and what they want from him. Zhang said a few words in an attempt to defuse the situation and reiterate his confidence that an agreement can be reached. Icardi is not just a valuable economic asset for the club. He is also the man who has scored one hundred goals, he is a player who makes children dream and he can become more than just a great striker. He can follow in the footsteps of legends such as Vieri, Ronaldo and Milito. To do that, he must understand how to improve. No one can doubt that Mauro is a huge talent, but it takes time to become a champion.

“The word ‘champion’ only applies to those who combine talent with the correct behaviour, professionalism and seriousness. Champions set an example both on and off the pitch, putting the good of the team ahead of everything else. These are qualities which lead players to be awarded the captain’s armband. The armband is not just a prestigious piece of cloth, it is a symbol of belonging.

“Whoever wears the armband represents the club’s image. The captain is listened to by his teammates and he should be the first to let them know if they step out of line. In Inter’s history, Picchi, Mazzola, Facchetti, Bergomi and Zanetti are captains that will always be remembered. These men loved Inter and would never embarrass the club. It is up to Icardi to ensure he is held in the same esteem as those who have gone before him.”

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