Juventus Curva to go on strike against Atletico Madrid and Audero sold


While the anticipation for the return leg of the Atletico Madrid clash continues to rise, the Juventus Stadium crowd might not be at the top of its game on March 12th because the hardcore fans, barring a change of heart, are set to go on a strike again on that occasion. The Curva goers have been at odds with the club for the ticket price spikes all year long and, while they should still attend the match, they are expected to remain silent throughout the contest, like in the past two fixtures.

Mariella Scirea, who is the president of the center that coordinates the fan clubs, made a last-ditch appeal: “This is the time to cheer for our squad, now more than ever. I tell that to all the supporters, organized or not. The interest of our beloved Juventus is at stake here. I do not speak only about the players or the management, but about all of us black-and-white fans. We have to leave our grudges aside to support our colors. In order to stage a comeback, the side need the contribution by everybody. Let’s stick together.” There is still time to reverse the decision and it would certainly be a grabby way to protest.

The organized fans are likely to skip the trip to Naples even though they were allowed to go there, causing some murmurs among the Partenopei supporters, who have often been denied travelling to Turin in recent years to public order reasons. A thousand tickets have been allotted to Juventus fans at San Paolo and the Old Lady fans have been suggested by the police commissioner to avoid wearing black-and-white gear while making their way to the arena. 800 agents and 1000 stewards will be on deck to make sure that everything goes smoothly before and after Saturday’s clash.

Juventus certified yesterday the sale of Emil Audero to Sampdoria for €20M, which was expected after the two teams re-negotiated the terms of the deal in January. The condition for the redemption turned out to be the first three points gained after the end of the window. The youngster, who is a product of the academy, is having a very solid season and is only 22: the Bianconeri no longer have a buy-back clause but reportedly maintained the right to match the offer if and when the Blucerchiati will decide to sell him in the future. Two weeks ago the Old Lady also made official the sale of Alberto Cerri to Cagliari for €9M, as they continue to look for peripheral ways to bring in cash.

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