Allegri and Chiellini preview the second leg with Atleti


Coach Massimiliano Allegri talked to the press on Monday night to introduce the second leg of the Atletico Madrid clash: “We believe to have a chance to come back. We will have to be able to understand what course the game will take. Maybe it will go differently from how we prepared it, we will need to grasp the various moments.”

Douglas Costa will not be available due to a new injury: “We tried to force, he did one practice and a half, but he felt some pain again today. It is an important game and we needed him.”

On the lineup: “I will not tell who will play and who will not. I need to make the final evaluations, I need to have somebody off the bench too. I will decide in the morning after the preparation on set pieces, which will be key tomorrow.”

On his future following the Zinedine Zidane news: “It does not make sense to talk about it today. We have a seminal match coming up tomorrow and I have answered about it so many times. We are focused on tomorrow’s objective, then we will think about it.”

On the importance of the game: “It is a round-of-16 match. We have not won anything even if we advance. We need to be patient. It would be an incredible feat. If we will be there, we will do our best moving forward.”

On the first leg: “We played well in the first half, but we relaxed after they hit the crossbar, perhaps thinking that we avoided the main danger. We were not as attentive on set pieces in the second half. We will need to display out skills tomorrow and we will be supported by the fans, who will help us.”

“Everybody will need to give something more tomorrow, the emotional level will be crucial. We will have to power through the difficulties and keep motoring up until the 95th minute and perhaps the 120th. Everybody will have to give its best.”

On the scheme: “We have used a three-man defense recently, but it does not make a difference. The approach will have to be diverse, quicker and more vertical.”

On Cristiano Ronaldo: “Having such a big goal scorer on our side is an advantage. He is a big-game player and thrives in this environment.”

“They have not conceded in five games, perhaps it is a good omen. We will have to play differently than how we performed in Madrid.”

On Martin Caceres: “He is an extraordinary player, he was slowed down by injuries but he is very reliable.”

On Leonardo Spinazzola: “He has improved a lot and he is potential starter. He has never played in Champions League, but maybe in some moments you need some thoughtlessness and he has it.”

The captain Giorgio Chiellini also spoke the journos: “We have great desire to advance. We are accustomed to this kind of pressure, it does not affect us. We will need a lot of enthusiasm to live a magical night.”

“We have been thinking about this game a lot, we need to want it more than they do. This will be the main ingredient and will need to respect such a solid team. It will not be easy, we are not foolish, but it is not impossible and it would be launching pad.”

“An episode can change the course the game, it can make your certainties crumble. You do not need a lot, we are not in a terrible spot: it was a bad result but not a disastrous one.”

“I have reached out to Gianluigi Buffon after the game. I was cheering for him and I was sorry. Being the captain has not changed much in terms of preparation for me.”

He will collect his 500th appearance at the club: “I am aware of it and the other milestones were special, so I hope this one will be remembered as it deserves. The most significant one was the nil-nil in Barcelona, I do not know how many can say that they left Camp Nou unscathed.”

On Diego Simeone’s celebration: “Everybody reacts in their own way. We want to celebrate tomorrow, not because of that, but for ourselves. We have such important goals that we do not care about the others.”

On Alvaro Morata: “He is a great guy, we were hoping he would stay with us. We love him. We will need to pay attention to him in open spaces and to Antoine Griezmann on set pieces. Those are the most dangerous situations. We will need to have more desire, without being antsy or in a rush, but with clear ideas and determination.”

“They defend very well, they are similar to us. They are sturdy and tough to crack. I have always admired them. This does not mean that we can not score, they have some weaknesses too.”

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