Allegri unveils his book


Coach Massimiliano Allegri unveiled his book ‘È molto semplice’ (“It’s very easy”) yesterday, so here are the more relevant parts of the presentation: “Everybody will tease me in Livorno because nobody would have ever thought I would write a book. It was an adventure, it was my first one but I hope to do some more, because it would mean that I have had some more experiences. It lists 32 rules and some anecdotes.”

On Cristiano Ronaldo: “He is better than the others on mental level. He sets new targets for himself every day. It is a really hard thing to do for somebody that has won as much as he did at age 34. He is lethal in that aspect, his lucidity and fierceness are incredible. We can all learn from him, I for instance learned that it does not happen often to be able to coach the best in the world. The day before a match, we usually a have an intra-squad friendly game. His enjoyment consists in winning it. Zlatan Ibrahimovic was the same. For others it could be doing back-heel flick or something like that. He is obsessed in that regard. When somebody who is not as skilled makes a mistake, the leader must have the humility to not put him on the spot and Ronaldo excels in that.”

“The best moment of the season was sealing Scudetto against Fiorentina. Yesterday I read a quote by Ernesto Valverde: ‘Everything looks easy because we won the title a month in advance.’ It is clear that it would have more enjoyable if it went down in the final game like the Manchester City one, but the value is the same. It looks better in that fashion, but it truly is not. It was an extraordinary achievement because winning looks normal for a lot of people, but in reality it is very difficult. We did it in 30 rounds, we could not have done it quicker. I look forward to Sunday when we will celebrate as we have won half of the trophies.”

On dealing with losses: “It is hard, I would lie if I said otherwise. When we got beat in Madrid, I said that we would surely be eliminated if we played in one week later, because we needed to process it and get back to work. We had two matches in between, against Bologna and Napoli, where we need to put the finishing titles on the Serie A campaign. The comeback against Atletico was fantastic, but we could not jeopardize the Scudetto for that. I was sure we would play well in the return leg. You can not go far without passion, but you need some detachment. You are done if you let yourself be overwhelmed by the events. It is a little cynical, but it is true.”

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