Liverpool is More Efficient than Manchester City

At the end of the English Premier League season,  Daily Mail has published a prime money prediction for 2018-2019. The sum was formed by using three sources: an equal share, which is distributed among all teams (79.4 million pounds each), bonus for a placing at the end of the season, and money from sold TV rights for matches involving the club. This is not an official source, and the final figures will be published this fall. But the table gives a rough understanding of how the television market is arranged in the English Premier League. Plus, you can estimate the mechanics of prize distribution.

For example, the system of distribution of income from TV rights is as follows. All clubs must receive 12.3 million pounds. And then the clubs get paid only if they’ve appeared on TV more than 10 times. Each match above this mark brings 1.2 million pounds. This season, the minimum amount was received by 4 clubs: Bournemouth, Southampton, Huddersfield, and Watford. All of them got 12.3 million pounds. The leader in terms of TV matches is Liverpool – their matches were broadcasted 29 times.

This brought Jurgen Klopp’s team 33.5 million pounds. Manchester City, by the way, is only the third in terms of televised matches (26). The second is Manchester United, which had 27 televised matches. Due to this, MC is only the second in terms of total prize money: 148.1 million pounds as compared to Liverpool’s 149.5 million pounds. By the way, last season, Manchester United also took the second place in terms of revenue once again because of the number of televised matches. A year ago, Man United took the first place, and MC took the second place.

However, there is yet another table by Daily Mail, which is a bit more interesting. They figured out the approximate amount of money for every point won during the season. They just took the average weekly salary that a club has to pay to its players and divided that number by the number of points a team won during the season. All the stages of the season were taken into account, but the last stage didn’t bring any changes. Wolverhampton became the leader in this table: they’ve spent £30,835 for every point that they’ve won during the season. Liverpool, for example, spent £50,133 for every point, and MC spent 61,153. As for the top 6 clubs of the season, the most economically profitable one is Tottenham, with £49,518 for every point that they’ve won during the season.

As for the final placements, the Huddersfield players were frankly overpaid: 82,533 pounds for each point they’ve won during the season. Here’s the fun part, the most unprofitable turned out to be Manchester United with £99,010 for every point that they’ve won during the season. That’s one and a half times more expensive than their neighbors pay to their players. Their players are twice as inefficient as the ones in Liverpool.

At the same time, this isn’t really anything new, as Manchester United were thinking about reducing the payrolls of their players for the past three years, but not at the expense of selling high-paid football players. And not by reducing wages. They decided to implement changes to the system of bonuses for every goal and assist. For example, Alexis Sanchez has a bonus of 75 thousand pounds for each goal, and each assistant brings him 25 thousand pounds. Paul Pogba earns a bit less: 50 thousand pounds for a goal and 20 for an assist.

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They say it is because of these aspects of their contracts that Sanchez and Pogba had a few disagreements during the past season. A year ago, there was an interesting situation, during which there was a big disagreement between the two players – they had to choose a player who is going to shoot the penalty against Lester. Now it is obvious that, for each of them, it was a matter of a serious financial bonus. This whole system, as the British media say, is having a very negative effect on the atmosphere in the Manchester United’s dressing room. And it’s no wonder that both Pogba and Sanchez are considered to be the main candidates for leaving the club next summer.


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