Athletes who played both Football & Cricket

Growing up, did you love playing cricket and football or perhaps a combination of other sports? Playing two sports at the international level takes great talent and effort. Football and cricket are certainly two of the most popular games in the world. Did you know that some players have represented their country in both of two extremely popular sports?

The top Players who tried both Football and Cricket

Here is a look at some of the most versatile athletes who played cricket and football:

5. Sir Vivian Richard:  Sir Viv is the only player to have ever represented his country in cricket and football at international events. He played during the World Cup Cricket in both 1975 and 1979. He also featured in the FIFA World Cup qualifiers in 1974. Although his football career did not pick up, he still became one of the best batters in Test with an average of 50.23. Also in ODI, he averaged 47.

4. Sir Ian Botham:  Sir Ian Botham is arguably the best cricketer in England. He led his teams to many victories in the 1980s including the Headingley in 1981. However, he did have a brief career in football as well. In March 1980 he joined Scunthorpe United where he played in 11 matches. He perhaps could have gone on to play as a center-back for decent clubs, but he had to choose between football and cricket. He chose the latter.

3. Charles Burgess Fry: C.B. Fry was a versatile sportsman. He not only played football and cricket but ventured into other sports such as rugby and athletics. At one period in time, he held the record for long jump in athletics. Fry played in 26 Test Championships and one international football tournament. He played in the FA final
for Southampton against Sheffield United in 1901. However, he ended up on the losing side as Sheffield won.

2. Ellyse Perry: Ellyse Perry is the epitome of a modern dual sportswoman. She has been able to balance her career in cricket and football. Since she debuted in cricket, she has participated in four Test cricket tournaments. Perry has won international cricket events such as the ICC Women’s World Cup and the World T20 twice. She has represented Sydney FC in the W-League tournament which is the top level football tournament for women in Australia. At only 21 she has accomplished so much having taken part in international football events such as the FIFA 2011 World Cup. She also scored a spectacular goal for Australia against Sweden.

1. Dennis Compton: Dennis Compton is a force to be reckoned with in cricket. He is one of the few to have an average of 50 in Test cricket. Interestingly, he is also among one of the 25 batters in first-class cricket to score over 100 centuries. He has also had a successful career in football having played for Arsenal. Compton played as a winger! He was part of the 1950 squad that won the FA Cup.

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