Conte promises relentlessness in pursuit of glory


During yesterday afternoon’s press conference at Inter’s HQ, Antonio Conte was keen to stress the fact that the Nerazzurri will only be able to compete for silverware through hard work and sacrifice – his arrival alone will not be enough. Here is what he had to say on what he will demand from his players:

“I have a lot of confidence in our squad and the abilities of our players. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Luciano Spalletti for his work – a contribution that has led Inter back to the most important European competition for two consecutive seasons. If we have the chance to play European football next season then it’s also thanks to him. We must be ready to sweat and pursue the goal of excellence. It won’t be easy but we want to be competitive once again, as was the case a few years ago.

“When I arrived at Juventus, the club had finished seventh for two years running, while Chelsea had just finished in tenth place. However, it’s not right to make comparisons with the past because every experience is different. The important thing is not to place limits on ourselves in any competition. Even if we only have a one per cent chance of winning then we must work with this percentage. For the impossible to become possible we must work extremely hard, on all aspects.

“What I can promise to the fans today is that we will give our all in trying to build something important, something that reflects Inter and gives the fans something to be proud of. As of tomorrow, we’ll start working and it’ll be important to start getting to know these players right away, transmitting the right feelings. To achieve something extraordinary then we’ll need extraordinary individuals – players that think about ‘us’ before themselves. This is what we’re looking for.

“Tactics? Often, I’ve started with certain idea and then changed it once I’ve got to know the players better. We want to play attacking football with high intensity, football that excites out fans. Head, heart and legs – these are the three pillars that have always accompanied my journey. I think that we can now add passion, which will be the fourth element that’ll guide us on this adventure.”

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