Marotta believes Conte will be fundamental to Inter’s success


From the new Inter HQ, CEO Sport Giuseppe Marotta answered questions from the media during yesterday press conference where he was sat alongside new coach Antonio Conte. Here is what he had to say:

“The fact that we’ve emerged from the Settlement Agreement is a good sign for the future. It shows how the club’s hierarchy and management have worked well for the good of Inter. Credit must go to the management who preceded me, represented here by Alessandro Antonello and Piero Ausilio. We now go again and we are able to choose the individuals that will make up and give life to this project.

“Every goal is achieved because something important was done. The values are the culture of hard work, linked to discipline, order and respect; the second is the culture of winning that all of us must look to regain once again together; the third is the sense of belonging that makes you love these colours and this shirt.

“When I speak of individuals, I want to stress what we’ve achieved. I have Antonio Conte sitting next to me and the role of the coach is fundamental in everything that he can give, with support from the club. I must take into account the results that he’s achieved as a player, a coach and selector. He has the values that I highlighted earlier – ones that we want to extend across the entire club and to the players. This way we can gift great success to our fans.

“The idea was shared with Piero Ausilio, Alessandro Antonello and the president. We believe that someone like him is the ideal man to take over at this historic moment for Inter, particularly due to his winning credentials. We didn’t have any doubts and we didn’t pursue any other coach. After the season finished, we held some initial meetings which were then followed up with the drafting of a contract. We were all very quick to propose a very ambitious project. It was the sharing of an idea built upon one specific motive: Conte was the ideal candidate for that we needed.

“As far as the transfer market is concerned, it’s a work in progress. Piero Ausilio leads the way and I’m working alongside him in trying to build a competitive squad. The Management has an obligation to set ambitious goals alongside a healthy balance sheet. We know the players that Antonio Conte wants and we’re working on it. However, we don’t want to do things in a hurry as the transfer market demands patience.”

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