Marotta downplays talk of an Icardi-Dybala swap deal


Inter’s CEO Sport Giuseppe Marotta spoke at length about the transfer market during yesterday afternoon’s press conference in the Nerazzurri’s brand new HQ. Here is what he had to say on the club’s decision to sell Mauro Icardi and Radja Nainggolan, among other things:

“We need to identify the necessary profiles to carry out a project: all elements of the club agree with the decision that has been made regarding Icardi and Nainggolan, even if it’s a painful one. We must respect the men and consider that the players are our assets. You need to have the courage of your convictions when you make choices. This is what we’ve decided on as regards these players, and we’re doing it in a way that doesn’t disrespect two professionals.

“Declaring this openly is part of this world, they’ll train with us and we will respect their rights and duties. At the moment, I can rule out Icardi moving to Juventus because the conditions for him to do so aren’t there. It’s only right to talk about things that could come about, it’s currently something of a utopia to think about a possible swap deal with Dybala. He’s an excellent player, but a swap is not something we envisage. We’re sitting at the window and will watch what happens.

“Barella? We read quotes from two directors that I admire and respect, even if I don’t fully agree with what they said. The buyer has the right to establish how much they think a player is worth, that is part of the negotiation process. This is a matter of tackling the dynamics of the market, patience is required. We find ourselves dealing with scenarios where it’s like a chess game, where the seller tries to be better than the buyer. Džeko is one of the players we’re pursuing and he’s given his consent to the move, but this doesn’t mean a lot. We make our moves in a rational way and also respect our parameters. We currently find ourselves at an interim stage.

“I arrived and got to work alongside a great management set-up that already existed here, my job is to share the desire to raise the bar and bring in all the human and motivational qualities that are essential at clubs today in order to achieve a winning mentality. This is something that not only needs to be given to all the technical components, but also all of the surrounding components. Together with my colleague Alessandro, we have the task of choosing men who will define a winning project. I’m very confident for the future.

“To conclude this important conference, I’d like to welcome a great director in Lele Oriali. His return will benefit us all.”

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