Douglas Costa wants to get back on track

Douglas Costa was interviewed by few outlets after the positive pre-season debut against Atletico Madrid: “I want to show my worth since several injuries prevented me from doing that last season. I am sure it will be a different campaign. I am a lot more careful about what I do off the pitch too: I am doing a lot of rehab because I want to be at 100 percent at all times. I think that there are all the premises for the marriage between me and Juventus to be successful.”

On Maurizio Sarri: “I am a very offensive player and his style is perfect for me. His plan is very stimulating for us forwards, since staying closer to the goal helps up perform better. We are tight and whoever deserves it the most will get playing time.”

On the new coaching style: “Sarri insists a lot on the intensity and on a high pressure. He is different from Massimiliano Allegri, with whom we had a lower center of gravity. He is changing the culture and we have been following him obediently. I have played under Pep Guardiola, who was very offensive-minded, then under Allegri, more conservative, and finally I am discovering Sarri now. Everything I learned before has to re-adapted to his football. He and Guardiola are similar in their core ideas, like the pressure, a high back-line, few and quick touches. However, Sarri is more focused on the defensive phase. They are different managers that have a similar philosophy.”

On the transfer market: “I have a nice relationship with Cristiano, I want to play next to him and help him score even more. I think there are a lot of top players here that could feature in any team. It is up to Fabio Paratici and Pavel Nedved to decide if somebody has to leave. If everybody stayed, we would give our best for the good of Juventus. It is a great club that always aims at winning every competition it partakes to.”

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