Cristiano and Pjanic open up

Cristiano Ronaldo participated in a ‘Making Of’ documentary produced by DAZN that will soon fully released, in the meantime the platform has put out some excerpts: “I always give my maximum effort to win trophies with the team first and foremost, because I know those can lead to individual awards. That is your job, your everyday life. You wake up to practice with the goal of earning something. It is not for the money, which thankfully I no longer need. I want to earn my place in the history of football and win even more.”

“It is hard nowadays to find a complete player and I consider myself just that. I am not lacking in any area: I am quick and strong and can kick with both feet. Football gave me many joys and unforgettable moments. I will remember forever what I have done and what I will continue to do.”

On Lionel Messi and Champions League: “The difference between us is that I have played and won the Champions League in different clubs. I have been the top scorer in that cup six times in a row. Few players in history were able to take it home five times, so I think I can identify myself with that competition. I hope to win few more. Messi is an excellent player that will be remembered for the Balloons d’Or and for improving year after year, like I did.”

On Zinedine Zidane: “The certainties a player needs do not come only from within, but also from who surrounds him. You need to feel like you are an important piece of the group and Zidane made me feel special. I did not change the way I played, since I always stayed true to myself, but it obviously helped me a lot. I esteemed him, then he became my coach and I appreciated him even more after getting to know him better. He is an honest person and I will forever cherish our friendship.”

Miralem Pjanic instead gave an interview to Vanity Fair, where he talked about his beginnings: “When I was a kid, it seemed like I was something they had never seen in my town, there was not a week where the local papers did not talk about me or some scouts came to take a look and wonder what kind of champion I would become.”

On fleeing Bosnia: “My father was a player and toured the country. He was the first one to understand what was about to happen, he felt the tension, saw friends suddenly turn and the ethnic hate in the stadia and in the streets. He took two plastic bags and departed to lay some groundwork for us.”

On his arrival in Luxembourg: “We were welcomed very well, who wants to build something in that country can do it and can live without the fear of not having anything to eat or a roof over his head. That is of course if you are willing to work and swat.”

On Islam: “It is a normal and beautiful relationship, like it is customary with every religion, without extremisms, I am light-years away from those crazy ones that kill under the name of Muhammad. I pray whenever I feel the need to, but certainly not five times per day.”

On Massimiliano Allegri: “I have a great relationship with him, we chat often. He just wants to reflect a little, then he will not have no problem finding a great team whenever he decides to do it. We clashed at times, but in a regular manner. We are both straightforward. More than everything, he often teased me, he said that when I first joined I could not do a pass longer than five meters and that I have become a great player only because of him. He really cracks me up when he says that he was the best midfielder in the history of Italian football.”

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