Transfer chaos finally over for Barcelona

Here we are, the day after the end of another transfer window, and one which Barcelona will be glad has finished.

Even Ernesto Valverde alluded to being bored by it during his most recent press conference.

And it’s little wonder with a constant stream of rumours and counter rumours which the coach has to attempt to address when, frankly, other matters are far more pressing.The will-he-won’t-he saga of Neymar coming back to Barcelona has dominated every newspaper and media outlet for the past few weeks.

You couldn’t pick up a paper or read a website without seeing another strand of supposed ‘inside information’ on the deal.

Let’s consider for a moment that the league season is already three games old, so the Catalans – and Paris Saint-Germain for that matter – have had to deal with the pressure of trying to get a deal over the line whilst aiming to keep their squad settled.

Impossible when you consider how many players Barcelona involved in the negotiations, players that didn’t want to leave the club either.

With so much coverage on Neymar, it’s easy to forget that such conversations may never have even taken place had Matthijs De Ligt signed for the Blaugrana.

After securing Frenkie De Jong from Ajax and Antoine Griezmann from Atletico Madrid, every report at the time suggested that Barcelona were entirely confident of adding De Jong’s former captain to their squad list.

Even as close as a few days before the Dutchman eventually joined Juventus, president Josep Maria Bartomeu noted that he knew when De Ligt would end up.

Such pressure ultimately didn’t work, and then set the wheels in motion for a few weeks of chaos.

Now that it’s over, it’s hard to argue against there being relief all round. From management to players and supporters.

Though transfer windows are generally approached with excitement, particularly from a supporters perspective, by the end of it, everyone is completely drained.

This one, more than any other in recent memory, has taken Barcelona to the limit, but with an international break ahead, it will allow everyone to kick back and take stock.

Some will be happy, others not.

Perhaps in light of what’s occurred this summer, the powers that be can put something in place to ensure that all transfers are completed before the start of the season in all of the European leagues.

Regardless of that, there’ll be another window right along… just four months until the opening of the winter one, when it all kicks off again.

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