Best options for new football punters!

Being new to the world of betting, particularly in football, a multitude of markets and the jargon being used may spin your head round and about. Try investing your time on learning everything related to football betting markets and soon enough, you will get the hang of it. Though confusion may arise, still, process everything from the bottom up and analyze odds carefully to ensure the best bet available.

As you start your journey by becoming a football bettor thriving on success, you must learn some portions of the game. A number of punters with tons of experience bet only if they’re familiar with the market. Otherwise, it’s best to avoid it to avoid wasting budget. But if you become too engaged by trying to learn multiple sports markets in one go, you will lessen your chances of winning or worse, you will lose your hard-earned money due to careless betting. As much as possible, focus your attention on spotting valuable bets that are worth your money.

Sports betting requires beginners to dive into markets that are purposeful for newbie skills. Otherwise, the bettor might risk his or her budget on a daily basis. For starters, here’s the suggested markets for you test your betting skills:

  • Both Teams to Score (BTTS)

  • Total Goals

Some of you might be wondering the benefits of these markets. First and foremost, we all know that betting considers statistics. With that, the analytical skills required by these markets are not complex compared to other markets available in sports. Plus, it makes beginning bettors’ experience streamlined in terms of using different functionalities available in the platform. 

As of today, a lot of data has accumulated in terms of scouring for trends within these markets. The process itself is deemed easy especially for newbies since. The fact that it’s adjusted to their level makes it convenient for them to learn and analyze the market for their own gain.

For instance, looking on the statistics derived from March 2, 2018 would have shown that more than 2.5 goals are created by the previous 14 matches. These matches included Guangzhou Evergrande, a Chinese club. All of the teams got scores as they played it through the recent nine matches, going against English League Scunthorpe (One-Side).

If newbie punters are going to look at statistics meant for their level, then these statistics are the best fit. It should be known that discovering a trend would entail the following processes: scouring for the next matches, analyzing the opponents and ultimately deciding for any significant reason, further giving assurance that the result won’t repeat itself again. Furthermore, keeping tabs on the latest news involving football would remind you of the changes, updates, and other components that may affect the trend and your bets.


As you finally master the art of football betting and taking control over basic football betting markets, you will hone your skills as you move through the process. Try as much as you can in terms of lessening the risks of betting by learning everything. Even a short reading can give you the knowledge needed for betting.

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