Common football & sports betting mistakes by newcomers

If football and sports betting are something new for you, then you will face mistakes and disappointment from time to time. Unfortunately, the expectation of perfection and winning are two main problems for most participants. Even if you follow all the advice of specialists, mistakes are inevitable.

They will probably come at a cost, but the important thing is what lesson each person will learn from the situation. You should consider mistakes as a stepping stone and perhaps even as an opportunity to become better.

Do not assume that mistakes will completely stop with a little more experience. We can safely say that no one can make perfect decisions in most cases. But we will consider the main difficulties that await you on the path to success, and try to increase the likelihood of your winnings significantly. Also, make sure to check out the information here if you want to find more information on sports betting.

Money Management

The number one reason why most players are left with nothing lies not in the poor choice of events, but in the inability to manage their own funds. If you consider sports betting as a business that brings you profit, then this imposes an obligation on you to take a serious approach to the process itself. Managing your money is the key to success.

Determine the budget that you are willing to spend on bets. Do not mix them with your daily money. Set the rules that determine the number of possible bets on each event. Remember that spending your entire bank on one game means a collapse.

Such an approach requires discipline from a person, but this will prevent you from becoming too excited during a losing or winning streak. It will also allow you to make more rational and balanced decisions. Do not think that budget management was invented only for professional players. This is important for everyone, even if you consider your experience only as entertainment.

High Expectations

Many people have unrealistic expectations of sports betting. And this is really a serious problem. Some people think that they can make money on betting simply because they are special and lucky, or because they know the sport and the clubs.

Predicting matches is an extremely complex process, which of course, requires much more from you than some general sports knowledge. Yes, sometimes newcomers get lucky, but it is an exception to the rule rather than a pattern. If you want to get real winnings, you will have to work hard. You must know the status of players, who is injured, who in great form and so forth. Football statistics are very useful and this is one great example with detailed stats revealing not just goals and assists for footballers but their tally of yellow and red cards as well as the team’s tendency to keep clean sheets, concede goals, score goals, etc… all can help build an extremely useful trend or a reference point.

Emotion Based Predictions

Have you ever decided to bet to feel the upcoming spectacle more interesting? Or maybe you bet on the victory of your favorite athlete in the tournament? Or maybe a sense of patriotism forced you to bet on your favorite team?

If you can say yes to one of the questions, then you tend to make the most usual mistake. You should make bets only if you are sure about your choice. Emotion-based bets are almost always a mistake.


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