Buffon weighs in on new reduced role, Inter and Sarri

Juventus legend Gianluigi Buffon was chosen as new Goodwill Ambassador by the World Food Programme today and commented on that and on few football-related matters to Tuttomercatoweb: “It represents a growth on my part, which is inevitable since I will turn 42 in January, I matured a bit. As it is natural, I like to take on new challenges. Altruism will play the biggest part in this adventure and I am sure it will be an exciting one.”

“I am completely focused on the pitch for now because I have some responsibilities, as always, even though I am no longer the main protagonist every week. Whether you play or now, my role requires total dedication and it gratifies me because it not a secondary one.”

On the season: “It is going well and I am very happy to be quite honest. I had some doubts about my role at first, but while discussing it serenely, I realized this one was the only club that could make me accept it. After some pondering, I agreed to it and it turned out to be a good decision, I am really satisfied for the harmony I have with everybody in the locker room and for the esteem I feel coming from my teammates, which is very important to me. I was also able to reunite with my fans, my executives and other people I have shared a lot with on and off the pitch. That was the main element of my choice.”

On Inter: “They are without a doubt our biggest foe, I know their coach and the way he teaches football very well, he is able to reason and convey his desire to do wonders. I am familiar with their director and their other top-notch players.”

On the changes at Juventus: “Our coach has very clear ideas, he has been doing this job for 30 years, which were full of disappointments and joys. He has peaked in the last few seasons. He joined with several beliefs and he is able to transmit those to the squad. The players are willing to learn something different compared to the last ten years under Massimiliano Allegri, Antonio Conte and the others. We were not accustomed to this style and we like it. Great players always need new motivations, then the results are just the logical consequences of those.”

On Roberto Mancini wanting him for one more Italy match: “I thank him publicly because he is always very attentive in my regards. However, it is something I do not need and that I am not pursuing. Should it happen, I would take it, but only when I will retire. It would not make sense before.”

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