Sarri gears up for Derby della Mole and weighs in on VAR

Juventus coach Maurizio Sarri set the stage for the clash with Torino in the usual pre-game presser: “The Derby is never a completely normal game. It is worth more for Torino, but is not just another match for us too. Every fixture is meaningful for us for what is at stake, meaning the three points. It is always special and hopefully that will help us mentally. The Granata will be very motivated, due to their recent result and because the Derby can provide them with an important emotional charge. They will be ready to do battle. We want to win to stay on track, keep the contest on a flow that suits us. Sometimes it is easy, sometimes it is not. We were a bit chaotic tactically against Genoa.” 

On Miralem Pjanic: “I do not know yet whether he will be available or now, the athletic trainers and doctors are having meeting right now, we will see if he will be able to practice later today.”

On the Superga tragedy: “We visited the place two or three times when we came here with Napoli. It is an obligatory homage because the Great Torino is one of the Italian sports myths. We have not gone yet since I moved to Juventus, but we will for sure in May.”

On the configuration of the attack: “Cristiano Ronaldo likes to start on the left flank, but he is not exactly a winger, while Paulo Dybala prefers to do the same from the right one. So with them we do not really have a striker who is apt for a trident, the ideal solution is to play with a no.10.”

On VAR: “It is not something I do not spend much time thinking about, I like when the referee directs the game. This is my personal opinion, these are the rules right now, I do not like some of them, for instance on handballs. Despite looking for more info, I still do not understand much. There are crazy rules in everyday’s life too, but it is not like I can go out and get arrested. If you asked me, I would say that the instrument that was born to correct major mistakes and I do not think there are three of four of those per game. They use it differently abroad. I am not in favour of the coaching challenges, two would not be enough for me, I would ask for seven or eight per games. I like when the referee does his job, not when he listens to the earpiece.”

On the difference with the London Derbies: “I try to live it as normally as possible. It is not a normal game, but you have to try to be as serene as possible until it starts.”

On Walter Mazzarri: “Our places of birth are about two hours apart. We have not faced each other much in recent years, but I respect him a lot. He did very well in Naples, like with Torino. You can not judge him only for the last two games, he is in the midst of an important cycle. I think also the majority of their fans recognize his worth.”

On Gonzalo Higuain: “He is a great player. He was coming off a difficult year, he had an uncommon level of motivation this summer. I saw something completely different from how he was at Chelsea, he changed. He is a top player when he is like this.”

On the last two games: “In Lecce, we run four kilometers more than the opponents and six against Genoa. If I had the answer, I would have already solved the issues, we will see whether we will be able to find them in the next few days.”

On Aaron Ramsey: “I saw him well considering how little he practiced in the last 20 days. I do not know how much he can play.”

On eventually substituting Alex Sandro: “It hinges on the type of game. We are testing both Mattia De Sciglio and Danilo there.”

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