Top 5 Underperforming Players in Fantasy Football

Before the start of every Premier League season, fans will assemble their carefully created fantasy sides looking to blow away the competition in their respective leagues. Some of their picks will be astute and perform excellently, but there are also those that you have selected that you will be looking to take out as soon as it is possible.

These players will be a shock to some players, as they would have been included following excellent campaigns in the top-flight in the previous season. However, despite the momentum that they may have had in the previous campaign, they have been unable to build on that.

Some of the players that have underperformed this season also have done so after having talks surrounding their long-term future going on throughout the summer months, and this could have been the reason for their faltering form. 

But, what players so far this season have been underwhelming in the Premier League in terms of fantasy football?

Wilfried Zaha: The Crystal Palace man has undoubtedly been a factor in the strong start that the Eagles have enjoyed this season, but his personal form hasn’t been the best, and he is yet to score a single goal this season.

However, despite this, he is an important player to the team and him remaining at the club has ensured that most online sportsbook doesn’t feel that they will be in relegation trouble this season.

So far, he has scored 28 points this season, which is almost half the amount that the Palace leading player, Jordan Ayew, has at this moment in time. Not only this, but Zaha is valued at 6.7 million, which means that those that have selected him are using up a considerable chunk of their budget on the Ivorian. These players may look at offloading Zaha pretty soon since his form has shown little chance of changing.

Paul Pogba

A host of Manchester United players could have made this list, but Paul Pogba has been by far the most underwhelming of the players at the Theatre of Dreams. His season has already been derailed by injury, and that means he will be out until at least the end of November. Many players would have picked the Frenchman at the beginning of the season, but that number has dropped to just 3.3% of players since the opening day.

He has registered two assists in his Premier League appearances so far this season, and he has yet to find the back of the net. For a player that commands a fee of 8.4 million, players would have been expecting a lot more. He has only scored 15 points to this point, and that is way below the Manchester United-leading Marcus Rashford who has scored 57 points.

Placing your bets on Paul Pogba in Fantasy League, would be the same as putting money on the Cincinnati Bengals to make it into the NFL playoff betting odds. Neither of them is likely to succeed this season.

Nicolas Pepe: When Arsenal signed Nicolas Pepe in the summer from Lille, there was an expectation that he was going to take the Premier League by storm. However, that hasn’t happened as yet, and he has even lost his place in the starting eleven over recent weeks following the strong opening to the season made by Bukayo Saka.

Pepe has recorded a respectable 31 points, but for a player that commands a fee of 9.3 million, that is just not enough. He was a popular pick at the beginning of the season, but only 3.3% of players now have faith in the winger to turn his season around.

He may pick up his form, but at present, he doesn’t command enough on fantasy football to merit being a pick for any player looking to achieve a league win this season. Besides, he is not always a started for Unai Emery, which means he might not take so much playing time throughout the season.

Diogo Jota: Looking at how Wolves performed last season, we are confident that many Fantasy Premier League players decided to include some of their in-form players in this season’s line-up. One of the players some might have decided to add was Portuguese winger Diogo Jota.

Last season the 22-year-old scored 9 goals and made 5 assists in the Premier League, thus giving him a reasonable amount of points in his Fantasy campaign. This season, however, Wolves is struggling to win games and Jota has only scored 1 goal in 9 games played and has made no assists so far.

At a price of £6.1 in the EFL, he has only accounted for 22 points so far. Quite underwhelming and it might not be a completely bad idea to take him out of the team. His partner Raul Jimenez, although he costs £7.2 might be a better choice, since he has scored 4 so far and assisted 2: a total of 55 points.

Teemu Pukki: After a strong start to the season and bursting forward and scoring 6 goals, Teemu Puuki has slowed down. Still, many might have got the hype and transferred in the Finnish striker. With some superb performances, including a hat-trick against Newcastle, Pukki’s 59 points might be misleading.

However, Norwich are currently 19th in the Premier League and Pukki has gone blank for several weeks. He does not score since 14th of September, when he bagged a goal and an assist against Manchester City. In 4 of the 11 Matchdays he made not more than 2 points in the Fantasy League. So, if you have Pukki on your frontline, either you might be in for a surprise if the striker suddenly starts bursting goals, or you might have been tricked and his £6.8 could have been spent elsewhere.


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