Ronaldo case updates and Danilo discusses adapation to Italy

Leonardo Bonucci weighed on Cristiano Ronaldo leaving the stadium after subbing off against Milan at the end of a presser in Coverciano, where Italy practice: “We will discuss it when we will be all back in Turin. There are a lot of games left to be played, he will have several opportunities to do better than in the past and achieve new records for himself and for Juventus.”

Despite the recent knee ailment, after stating that he felt great before the game, Ronaldo scored a hat-trick against Lituania. According to a report coming from Portugal, which was not confirmed by Italian sources, the star has already cleared things up with the coach and will have a meeting with vice-president Pavel Nedved and few teammates after he will return from international duties.

Danilo instead spoke about his move to Italy to Gazzetta dello Sport from Brazil: “My impact with Italian football has been good. Maurizio Sarri has modern ideas, he likes to keep a high offside trap and rely on ball possession. It was not a big change for me and I am perfectly comfortable in his scheme.”

“He is very similar to Pep Guardiola in some areas, especially in his maniacal care for tactics and movements. They both study the opponents very deep and anticipate how to adjust to every situation. Everything was extremely mechanical at City, we worked on every step and centimetre. It took the coach two years to fully install his ideas. Sarri is more flexible, he gives more freedom to the players. In any case, the model is the same and it takes time to be assimilated. The style of play is way more intense in Premier League, there is no comparison. It is instead more tactical and positional in Serie A, it forces you to think more.”

“I think Juventus are doing well and are non the right track. I am increasingly at ease and I aim at being Dani Alves’ heir in the 2022 World Cup. I like Turin, it is very different from Manchester. The fans are way more passionate, they stop you in the streets. I like that, they transmit their affection and motivate you. I am getting to know the city little by little. For now, I have understood that the cuisine is spectacular. In Manchester, there were just a handful of places where you could eat well, in Italy there are plentiful. You just have to be careful and avoid gaining weight.”

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