Bonucci touts De Ligt and comments on Ronaldo and UCL

Leonardo Bonucci touched on some football-related topics after presenting his bullying-related book ‘Il mio amico Leo’ on Friday: “It is an atypical initiative but it can help a lot of people and this was our goal from the beginning when we started discussing this story. Bullyism is a plague of our times, we want to help out who suffer from it but also who perpetrates it. As a parent, I think we can all be more careful about the behaviour of our kids, this stuffs comes more from lack of attention on our part. Children tend to have behavioural changes when they are going through a tough time.”

On Champions League: “It could look easy in handsight but it never is, nothing can be taken from granted in football. We did well and reached an intermediate objective. Now we can focus on Serie A and we will try to beat Leverkusen as well when that game will  come up.”

On Inter: “I knew they would return in the upper echelon both domestically and in Champions League. However, I prefer to focus more about my team, we want to do our best to go deep in all competitions and win some trophies.”

On Matthijs De Ligt’s improvements: “They are noticeable and he has the all the makings of a great player, he is humble and will become one of the best.”

On one opponent to avoid in Europe: “I would say Tottenham since they will surely be reinvigorated with the coaching chance and José Mourinho on the bench. February and March are still far away though, there could be very different physical and mental conditions compared to now. However, they got back on track with this decision, without taking anything away from Mauricio Pochettino.”

On Cristiano Ronaldo: “We cleared the air. The important thing is that another player is able to step up when somebody is not in form. Several of my teammates proved to be in peak condition over the last few games. He is fully part of the group and he raises the level in practice and when he is out there in the weekends. Our target is to be competitive in March.”

On Paulo Dybala’s controversial celebration: “It was just a joke, something between him and Merih Demiral, I do not think there were any ulterior motives.”

On being a captain: “It is a burden and a nice responsibility, you have to be an example. You basically lead the whole system when you wear Italy’s one and youngsters look up to you.”

On the strongest striker he has faced: “I always said that Duvan Zapata is my nemesis, I was happy when he was ruled out last week.”

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