Brescia fire Grosso and turn back to Corini

With the team squarely at the bottom of the of the standings and coming off three straight losses, Brescia president Maurizio Cellino decided to revert last month’s questionable decision on Monday, announcing the firing of Fabio Grosso and the return on the bench of Eugenio Corini.

The squad had not responded to the coaching change as they were soundly defeated by Torino, Roma and Atalanta: they conceded ten goals while failing to score a single one. During matches, the Curva repeatedly asked for the return of the manager that led to the promotion last season.

Grosso did not really bring significant changes to their approach if not some lateral moves, like using Emanuele Ndoj more or switching to a three-man defence in the last game, but also Corini had tried such move before getting sacked, in both cases to no avail.

The Rondinelle have to solve big problems at both ends as the back-line is falling apart: while Jesse Joronen has been fine between the sticks, Jhon Chancellor and Andrea Cistana have struggled over the past few games and the whole team has offered very little resistance defensively.

Their biggest issue going forward will be to get their top two strikers, Mario Balotelli and Alfredo Donnarumma, going together. The owner suggested that he does not like to see them both together on the pitch due to short-comings in terms of work rate, but they will have to find a way to do it because the other options, Ernesto Torregrossa and Florian Aye, do not have the same potential from a production standpoint. After butting head with Grosso and being excluded for one game, Balotelli had a decent match against Atalanta and came close to scoring.

They could also use more quality out of the no.10 position: Romulo had some success there but was moved to box-to-box after Daniele Dessena suffered a significant injury and Nikolas Spalek and Jaromir Zmrhal have not bee as good. With Ndoj now all the way back after a physical problem, they could go back to that solution. With little creativity throughout the roster, all the burden has fallen on Sandro Tonali, who has been excellent but can not carry the team on his own. Compared to the first Corini stint, Giangiacomo Magnani is also healthy, so they could deploy a better three-man back-line if they choose to take that route. They will have to pick the phase to prioritize.

Corini, who had two spells here as a player as well, collected two wins, one draw and seven losses in the first ten games, but, even in losing efforts, guided some gritty performances against good teams and surely the squad had more fighting spirit with him at the helm.

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