Van Dijk and Alisson the stars of Liverpool’s Champions League success

Van Dijk Alisson Champions League

Madrid has often been where Champions League legends are made, and that proved to be the case for Liverpool. This year’s Champions League final won’t go down as one of the best, indeed in many aspects, it was among the worst, but Liverpool won’t mind one bit.

This side have battled their way back throughout the Champions League this season, and it was no different in the final. The natural rhythm, tempo and desire were lacking from Jurgen Klopp’s side. Instead, they had to battle, scrap and find something much deeper to ensure they were lifting a sixth European crown by the evening’s end. This Liverpool side have transformed under Klopp this year. The swashbuckling, cavalier team of the past has made way for one that has much more about it. Continue reading

Fabinho the key for Liverpool in the Champions League Final


Of the numerous impressive individual performers across this past season for Liverpool, Fabinho fell under the radar somewhat. The Brazilian earned credit but not to the extent some of his teammates received.

Yet, by the end of the campaign, Fabinho was as important a player as any in the starting line up. Alisson, Virgil van Dijk, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Andy Robertson, Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane are the types of players that shone brightly. Fabinho was as important as them but did it in the quiet, efficient manner that separates the best defensive midfielders from the rest. And when Liverpool take on Tottenham Hotspur in the Champions League Final in Madrid on Sunday, it is Fabinho who will play a pivotal role. Continue reading

Champions League 2019: Get the best Football Experience

This football season seems to be getting heavenly (an oldie might still say ‘it used to be that way in our times’) for football fans around the world.

With Liverpool and Barcelona breaking legs in their respective leagues and every team lighting up the vibe of the champions league, this is the time when you want to watch your team live.

And then Champions league isn’t limited to one nation. So, fans from more areas can come out and watch their teams beat the opponents black and blue. But is that all? This simply can’t be the best kind of football experience that you can avail, right? Well, there’s more to it.

Make the most out of Champions League matchday experience

Being real, there are a number of ways that you can enjoy champions league in. Whether on your television sets or on your car’s radio, love of the game will always keep it lit. But then stadiums feel entirely different and we can’t agree more.

Being there with thousands of other fans cheering for the same team as yours. It’s euphoria on cloud 9. And then it can be even better.

Champions League Hospitality Packages offer a wide range of hospitality facilities on the matchday. All you need to do is get in touch and book yourself and your football fraternity to the hospitality package which suits your needs the best.

For a brief idea about what all these packages offer, you can have a look at the features below.

1. Fine dining experience

While you are having the time of your life enjoying the match with your loved ones, based on the package that you choose, you get to experience an unmatched dining experience.

With a number of restaurants inside almost all great football stadiums in the world, the menu is really grand and all you need to do is mention the need. The food will be served to you with a sweet hospitality experience.

2. Access to the VIP Lounge with catering and drinks service

Another add on to the hospitality packages is the access to VIP lounges.

So, these are either the member only clubs or lounges where only VIP guests are invited. When you book yourself and your guests for a VIP hospitality package, you get access to the VIP lounges and members only clubs.

Also, these areas have a wide range of eating and drinking options.

3. Hostess service

What’s better than getting food, drinks and a great view to the match? Getting it all along with a hostess at your service.

With the right champions league hospitality package you’d get all of it. The hostess will be there to take and serve your food and drinks orders.

4. Plasma TV screens

Watching a sports match at the stadium is one thriller of an experience. No doubts in that. But then as humans we might all miss out on some crucial moments during the game.

Well, opting for hospitality means you are safe and away from such fiascos. The VIP lounges have plasma TV screens playing all replays and the whole match in the best video quality. These TV screens will also display the pre-match team line-ups.

Final words

Champions league 2019 is already too thrilling and then getting to watch your favourite team fire up the stadium would be an entirely amazeballs joyride. And what’s better than that?

Bagging the chance to treating your guests to an unmatched Champions league matchday hospitality experience.

In this post we talked about the highlights of popular champions league hospitality packages. We hope this helped you know better about the same.


What did Manchester United learn from loss against PSG?


Manchester United headed into the first leg of the Champions League tie against Paris Saint-Germain with full confidence, given their fine form in recent weeks and the fact that Edinson Cavani and Neymar would be missing both legs of the Champions League tie. Though, all did not end well, as the visitors gave the host a football lesson and showed that they are levels ahead of the Red Devils.

Despite the questionable refereeing and the fact that the side lost Anthony Martial and Jesse Lingard by the half-time break, Thomas Tuchel had his side setup in the most perfect way whist Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is now showing that he is beginning to lack a Plan B. With how the first leg had come to an end, United’s chances of qualifying for the next round are very slim as PSG take two away goals and a win back to France.

Here are three valuable lessons that can be taken from the Champions League defeat…

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer needs to desperately find a Plan B

For sure, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is enjoying the dream of managing Manchester United and has got the fans of Old Trafford bouncing again. However, he needs to come up with a backup idea or a different system for when things don’t go according to plan, especially with how Tuchel made some clever choices with his starting line-up and made sure to make tactical tweaks during the game.

It’s more or less obvious that the injuries to Lingard and Martial badly affected to how the side normally attempt to break on the counter through pure pace and movement, which led the full-backs and the midfielders to then take part in a more direct approach. Given the injury issues and the lack of midfield options, it may be ideal for Solskjaer to consider using the back-three/five setup, to restore balance from defence to attack.

In regards to a back-three/five formation, it would allow both Luke Shaw and Diogo Dalot to push high up the pitch as the wing-backs whilst Paul Pogba potentially playing in an attacking role with freedom will do the side real good. As long as United’s main players in Ander Herrera, Marcus Rashford and Victor Lindelof are in high confidence and spirits, they should be able to play effectively and smartly within this style.

The midfield battle is where the match was won and lost

Without a doubt, Marco Verratti and Marquinhos stole the headlines at Old Trafford on Tuesday night, as the midfield duo controlled and dictated the game like it was a walk in the park. From keeping it simple with the short passes and the through balls into the wide players, to silencing each attack United could offer, they truly gave Gianluigi Buffon and Thiago Silva a quiet night at the back.

Meanwhile, for the hosts, it had seemed like only Pogba was attempting to guide the midfield and attack whilst the rest were waiting in the opposition’s half for something to happen. Herrera and Nemanja Matic provided assistance defensively and were able to support the backline when required, though, they struggled a lot when it came down to helping them push forward and to create constant chances.

The midfield department is an area that the hierarchy should look to aggressively strengthen, especially when the only options are Andreas Pereira, Fred and the young Scott McTominay from the bench. If one of the current midfield trio were to be injured or suspended for a number of games, then it can easily be stated that the backup choices would not be able to come up with the needed displays without any issues.

United’s board need to have a good look at the strength and quality between both squads

Majority of football supporters would have thought that the absence of Cavani and Neymar would make the fixture more balanced and would make the hosts the favourites, on the other hand, the visitors still had the likes of Angel Di Maria, Kylian Mbappe and surprisingly Dani Alves utilised as the front three. Straightaway, one can gain the understanding that PSG’s squad depth is no joke at all.

Though, when United’s two main attackers were forced off a half-time, Solskjaer could only bring on Alexis Sanchez and Juan Mata, two players that are clearly past their best and are not able to take the side’s attack to the next level. On top of that, PSG’s quality in the starting line-up was incredibly outstanding, leaving Tuchel with no reasons for them to complete their third and final substitution.

Overall, PSG have the perfect squad to allow them to convincingly challenge in every competition they take place in, whilst United’s current team is just about enough to challenge for the top four spots as well as the Carabao Cup or FA Cup. If the board want to improve instantly, they will need to bring in a director of football, someone who can help when it comes to recruiting and scouting.

The battle for the Champions League set to resume

Spanish giants, Barcelona and Real Madrid, have left their mark on the Champions League over the last few years. Real Madrid, in particular, have won 4 of the last 5 trophies with Barca winning the remaining one.

While Barca still have the great Lionel Messi on the team, Real lost Cristiano Ronaldo and are having a mediocre season by their high standards. Just as a team’s management and coach must weigh the risks and factor in the benefits from signing certain players to relying heavily on key players, we must all be careful when trying to manage risk to our best ability.

Risk management is an inseparable part of investing. In order to have a healthy portfolio, you need to know how to best manage the risks you face. There are risks associated with every investment opportunity, so you are already dealing with (and managing) risks right now.

When you are good at managing risks, you can reduce them to a certain degree and increase your return on investment (ROI) at the same time. For home investors such as yourself, this is a crucial skill that brings a long list of other benefits to your portfolio.

So, how can you improve your ability to manage risks? We are going to go over three things you can try in this article.

Get into Sports Betting

Sports betting is rather unique from a risk management standpoint. You face a lot of uncontrollable factors that turn sports betting as a whole into a chance-driven thing. At the same time, you also have a lot of data – historic data, details about players, news about injuries, and more – helping you pick the athletes or teams to back.

The unique characteristics of sports betting and the fact that it presents risks to analyse and manage are among the reasons why many top traders love a bit of sports betting and casino gaming. Giving it a try is even easier with more online sports betting websites just a few taps away. Click here to find out more about how you can get into sports betting as a way to sharpen your skills.

Simulate and Visualise

The better you are at making forecasts, the better you will be at anticipating potential risks. Knowing what to do when the risks materialise into real threats is a huge part of risk management. When a forex pair reverses its trend, for instance, you need to make quick decisions based on your understanding of the risks in order to prevent a massive loss.

One way to be better at making forecasts is by simulating different conditions and visualising them in your mind. Before opening a new transaction, think about what you would do if the market shows big changes; you also need to visualise good and bad things – opportunities and risks – to be comprehensive.

Rely on Data

Lastly, you can be better at managing the risks you face by studying how others have managed the risks they had to deal with in the past. Thanks to the internet, there is never a shortage of data, case studies, and information about past trades or even risk management specifically.

Reading case studies or going through the numbers may not seem like a productive way to learn how to deal with investment risks, but the information you collect allows your mind to get used to seeing risks and thinking about how to best manage them.

The combination lets you be very quick and accurate when analysing risks. You will not be a risk management expert right away, but you will notice how you are better and faster at reviewing the risks you face with every decision you make, especially investment decisions you make as a home investor.

Juventus will face Atletico Madrid in the Champions League round of 16

Despite grabbing the top spot in the group, the Nyon draw was not kind to Juventus and it paired Juve with the fiery Atletico Madrid for the round of 16 of the Champions League. The first leg will be played in the Spanish Capital on February 20th, the second one in Turin on March 12th. The two teams played together just twice in their history, but the matches are recent and date back to the group stage of the 2014 edition: the Colchoneros won one-nothing at home and then the two sides shared the spoils in a nil-nil draw at the Juventus Stadium. Both teams advanced.

Continue reading

A look at Barca’s possible UCL opponents

Screenshot 2018-12-15 at 14.38.06

Lionel Messi issued a clarion call at the very beginning of the season where the Champions League was concerned.

That was the priority for Barcelona. No messing about, a stated aim to take home the trophy once again.

Drawn in the ‘group of death,’ the Blaugrana sailed through it, but now the real business begins.

Barcelona have six possible opponents they could draw in the Round of 16… Continue reading

New Season, Same Old Juve

With Cristiano Ronaldo joining Juventus this past summer after back to back Champions League triumphs in Madrid, many thought the bianconeri were about to turn a corner in Europe and finally put their past woes behind them. After all, they just signed Mr. Champions League himself in the form of Ronaldo. After failing at the final hurdle against both Barcelona and Real Madrid in recent years, it was clear Juventus were lacking something, and it was evident it wasn’t a player but more so, a winning mentality in Europe.

While it’s strange in itself to criticize Juventus’ winning mentality, seeing as they’ve won the domestic title seven years running and winning is quite literally in the club’s mantra, the Serie A giants are a completely different team in Europe and approach games with more pragmatism.

Rather than setting out to dominate the opposition from the get like they do in Italy, Juventus are patient and tend to rely on their rearguard to provide the backbone for their success. In the past, this is a strategy that has largely worked but when it comes time to make the final leap, they typically fall painfully short. Just yesterday, it costed the side and they squandered a 1-0 lead to Manchester United and ended up losing in the dying embers of the game. After the game, Ronaldo spoke about this issue.

“We dominated the game and had so many chances. We relaxed and we were punished, in this case we just gifted it to them,” said the Portuguese superstar.

Considering the landscape of the modern game, it cames as no surprise that high-flying offences have been the recipe for success in Europe while defences, on the other hand, are but a bonus. Last season, Liverpool made it all the way to the final with a back four of Andy Robertson, Virgil van Dijk, Dejan Lovren and Trent Alexander-Arnold. While there are some good pieces in that backline – namely the first two – it is hardly world class and just goes to show you that Juventus may be overvaluing caution.

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Is Manchester United’s victory over Juventus the best since Sir Alex Ferguson retired?

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By all accounts Manchester United were going to leave Italy with a loss which would have put their Champions League qualification hopes on ice. There was just two minutes left in Turin against the mighty Juventus, unbeaten this season and 1-0 up through a Cristiano Ronaldo goal. And then it happened, shades of that infamous 1999 Champions League final.

First it was Juan Mata’s superb freekick that levelled the match up. That was enough on the 88th minute to say let’s go back with a point and no defeat. But United were not done yet and in injury time got the winner through a Leonardo Bonucci own goal. The Juventus fans went silent and at the final whistle Jose Mourinho could not help but to cup his ears and try to silence the fans after the boos he had endured during the match.

But what a turnaround for United and for Mourinho who has been under tremendous pressure since the beginning of the season. Surely that will be eased with victory in the own back yard of one of the tournament favourites. It was a massive win.

One must question if it was United’s best win since Sir Alex Ferguson retired from the club in 2013? Yes we can look at the Europa League final win against Ajax in 2017, but this match felt different. United were playing a superb team away from home they were not expected to win here given that they had just lost at home to Juventus in the reverse match a couple of weeks ago. This was supposed to be a formality, and let’s not forget Juventus hit the woodwork two times, so it really could have been.

But United hung in there and created chances of their own, this seemed like watching a team that had turned a corner, that had learned how to fight and Mourinho may well privately be thinking that this was his greatest win as a United manager, he should be.

United look certain to qualify from their group now and a win over Young Boys would confirm that if Juventus who now have to beat Valencia. Just how far have Mourinho’s team come? Well we won’t have to wait long as this weekend they will take on Manchester City in what should be another classic game of cat and mouse. The last time the teams played United came back from 2-0 down to win 3-2 in a stunning comeback. One has already been achieved this week, could another?