Marco Verratti Player Profile

Marco Verratti
  • Marco Verratti
  • Midfielder
  • PSG
  • Ligue 1
  • 7M
Player Performance Multi League
Total Points 7
Overall Ranking 261
Ranking By Position 88
Performance/Price (P/P) 1.3

Player Summary

Italian midfielder Marco Verratti joined French giants PSG in the summer of 2012. Despite glimpses and flashes of brilliance, Verratti has failed to impress while playing for Italy, and has at times disappointed while wearing the PSG shirt. Check out


Current Season Match Stats

Date Match Result Minutes played Points
11/08/2019PSG vs Nimes3 - 0931
18/08/2019Rennes vs PSG2 - 195-1
25/08/2019PSG vs Toulouse4 - 0912
30/08/2019Metz vs PSG0 - 2824
14/09/2019PSG vs Strasbourg1 - 0961
22/09/2019Lyon vs PSG---
25/09/2019PSG vs Reims---
28/09/2019Bordeaux vs PSG---
05/10/2019PSG vs Angers---
19/10/2019Nice vs PSG---
27/10/2019PSG vs Marseille---
02/11/2019Dijon vs PSG---
09/11/2019Brest vs PSG---
23/11/2019PSG vs Lille---
30/11/2019Monaco vs PSG---
04/12/2019PSG vs Nantes---
07/12/2019Montpellier vs PSG---
15/12/2019St-Etienne vs PSG---
21/12/2019PSG vs Amiens---
12/01/2020PSG vs Monaco---
26/01/2020Lille vs PSG---
01/02/2020PSG vs Montpellier---
05/02/2020Nantes vs PSG---
09/02/2020PSG vs Lyon---
15/02/2020Amiens vs PSG---
22/02/2020PSG vs Bordeaux---
29/02/2020PSG vs Dijon---
07/03/2020Strasbourg vs PSG---
14/03/2020PSG vs Nice---
22/03/2020Marseille vs PSG---
05/04/2020PSG vs Metz---
11/04/2020Angers vs PSG---
18/04/2020PSG vs St-Etienne---
26/04/2020Reims vs PSG---
02/05/2020PSG vs Brest---
09/05/2020Toulouse vs PSG---
16/05/2020PSG vs Rennes---
23/05/2020Nimes vs PSG---

Player's Stats for Season 2018-19

EFL Stats
2018-19 Value 7.0m
Total points 23
Player Ranking by Position 304
Player Overall Ranking 726
Match Stats
Matches Started 23 Clean Sheets 13
Matches Subbed In 3 Goals Conceded 21
Goals 0 Yellow cards 7
Assists 2 Red cards 0

Player's Stats for Season 2017-18

EFL Stats
2017-18 Value 7.5m
Total points 18
Player Ranking by Position 390
Player Overall Ranking 925
Match Stats
Matches Started 20 Clean Sheets 11
Matches Subbed In 2 Goals Conceded 16
Goals 0 Yellow cards 8
Assists 3 Red cards 1