Ilkay Gündogan Player Profile

Ilkay Gündogan
  • Ilkay Gündogan
  • Midfielder
  • Man City
  • English Premier League
  • 7M
Player Performance Multi League
Total Points 38
Overall Ranking 54
Ranking By Position 19
Performance/Price (P/P) 5.7

Player Summary

Ilkay Gündogan is a promising midfielder with Borussia Dortmund, the club he joined in 2011. He is likely to feature in around 20 to 30 league matches a season. Gündoğan opted to play for Germany, his country of birth, ahead of Turkey, the country of his parents' birth.

Man City

Current Season Match Stats

Date Match Result Minutes played Points
17/10/2020Man City vs Arsenal1 - 0302
24/10/2020West Ham vs Man City1 - 1940
31/10/2020Sheffield United vs Man City0 - 192
08/11/2020Man City vs Liverpool1 - 1950
28/11/2020Man City vs Burnley5 - 0942
05/12/2020Man City vs Fulham2 - 0932
15/12/2020Man City vs West Brom1 - 1954
19/12/2020Southampton vs Man City0 - 1962
26/12/2020Man City vs Newcastle2 - 0916
28/12/2020Everton vs Man City---
03/01/2021Chelsea vs Man City1 - 3754
13/01/2021Man City vs Brighton1 - 0942
17/01/2021Man City vs Crystal Palace4 - 0716
20/01/2021Man City vs Aston Villa2 - 0956
26/01/2021West Brom vs Man City---
30/01/2021Man City vs Sheffield United---
03/02/2021Burnley vs Man City---
07/02/2021Liverpool vs Man City---
13/02/2021Man City vs Tottenham---
21/02/2021Arsenal vs Man City---
27/02/2021Man City vs West Ham---
06/03/2021Man City vs Man United---
13/03/2021Fulham vs Man City---
20/03/2021Man City vs Wolverhampton Wanderers---
03/04/2021Leicester vs Man City---
10/04/2021Man City vs Leeds United---
17/04/2021Aston Villa vs Man City---
24/04/2021Man City vs Southampton---
01/05/2021Crystal Palace vs Man City---
08/05/2021Man City vs Chelsea---
12/05/2021Newcastle vs Man City---
15/05/2021Brighton vs Man City---
23/05/2021Man City vs Everton---

Player's Stats for Season 2019/20

EFL Stats
2019/20 Value 7.5m
Total points 25
Player Ranking by Position 236
Player Overall Ranking 594
Match Stats
Matches Started 21 Clean Sheets 12
Matches Subbed In 10 Goals Conceded 33
Goals 2 Yellow cards 7
Assists 1 Red cards 0

Player's Stats for Season 2018/19

EFL Stats
2018/19 Value 7.5m
Total points 57
Player Ranking by Position 51
Player Overall Ranking 156
Match Stats
Matches Started 23 Clean Sheets 15
Matches Subbed In 8 Goals Conceded 21
Goals 6 Yellow cards 3
Assists 3 Red cards 0