Simone Zaza Player Profile

Simone Zaza
  • Simone Zaza
  • Striker
  • Torino
  • Serie A
  • 6.5M
Player Performance Multi League
Total Points 9
Overall Ranking 734
Ranking By Position 172
Performance/Price (P/P) 2.0

Player Summary

Zaza is best remembered for his comical penalty miss against Germany during Euro 2016. He had a blistering start to the 2017/18 campaign before fading away in recent weeks. He is on 10 goals in just 15 league starts (another 6 appearances came as a substitute).


Current Season Match Stats

Date Match Result Minutes played Points
25/08/2019Torino vs Sassuolo2 - 1947
16/09/2019Torino vs Lecce1 - 2560
22/09/2019Sampdoria vs Torino1 - 096-1
26/09/2019Torino vs Milan2 - 196-1
30/09/2019Parma vs Torino3 - 290
20/10/2019Udinese vs Torino1 - 0500
27/10/2019Torino vs Cagliari1 - 1494
30/10/2019Lazio vs Torino4 - 0670
02/11/2019Torino vs Juventus0 - 1220
23/11/2019Torino vs Inter0 - 3810
08/12/2019Torino vs Fiorentina---
15/12/2019Hellas Verona vs Torino---
21/12/2019Torino vs SPAL---
05/01/2020Roma vs Torino---
12/01/2020Torino vs Bologna---
19/01/2020Sassuolo vs Torino---
26/01/2020Torino vs Atalanta---
02/02/2020Lecce vs Torino---
09/02/2020Torino vs Sampdoria---
16/02/2020Milan vs Torino---
23/02/2020Torino vs Parma---
01/03/2020Napoli vs Torino---
08/03/2020Torino vs Udinese---
15/03/2020Cagliari vs Torino---
22/03/2020Torino vs Lazio---
05/04/2020Juventus vs Torino---
11/04/2020Torino vs Brescia---
19/04/2020Inter vs Torino---
22/04/2020Torino vs Genoa---
26/04/2020Fiorentina vs Torino---
03/05/2020Torino vs Hellas Verona---
10/05/2020SPAL vs Torino---
17/05/2020Torino vs Roma---
24/05/2020Bologna vs Torino---

Player's Stats for Season 2018-19

EFL Stats
2018-19 Value 6.5m
Total points 12
Player Ranking by Position 250
Player Overall Ranking 1183
Match Stats
Matches Started 11 Clean Sheets 10
Matches Subbed In 18 Goals Conceded 32
Goals 4 Yellow cards 8
Assists 3 Red cards 1

Player's Stats for Season 2017-18

EFL Stats
2017-18 Value 5.5m
Total points 46
Player Ranking by Position 62
Player Overall Ranking 267
Match Stats
Matches Started 23 Clean Sheets 11
Matches Subbed In 10 Goals Conceded 33
Goals 13 Yellow cards 8
Assists 1 Red cards 1