Gonzalo Higuain Player Profile

Gonzalo Higuain
  • Gonzalo Higuain
  • Striker
  • Chelsea
  • English Premier League
  • 10M
Player Performance Multi League
Total Points 32
Overall Ranking 317
Ranking By Position 84
Performance/Price (P/P) 3.6

Player Summary

Argentina striker Gonzalo Higuain has endured criticism throughout his career due to the chances he missed in critical games, including the World Cup final (Brazil 2014). At the club level, Higuaín has continued to plunder goals at a very high rate. During 2011-12 season, he was used as a super-sub by Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho. Higuain scored 22 goals in 35 league appearances, of which 17 games were as a substitute. Gonzalo added 7 assists as well. He had a less impressive 2012-13 season and wanted a move away from Madrid. Higuain's wish came true when he joined Napoli in July 2013. With Napoli, he scored 17 goals and provided 7 assists in 32 league matches. He went on to have a record breaking Serie A season in 2015-16 and then joined Italian champions Juventus following a record transfer involving a player in Serie A. You can check Gonzalo Higuain's stats here http://eurofantasyleague.com/players/stats Play the most popular Fantasy Serie A game at www.fantasyseriea.com Manage your team on our Mobile App here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.global_multimedia.fantasy_seriea&hl=en


Current Season Match Stats

Date Match Result Minutes played Points
25/08/2018Napoli vs Milan3 - 2940
31/08/2018Milan vs Roma2 - 1962
16/09/2018Cagliari vs Milan1 - 1954
23/09/2018Milan vs Atalanta2 - 2983
07/10/2018Milan vs Chievo3 - 1937
21/10/2018Inter vs Milan1 - 0950
28/10/2018Milan vs Sampdoria3 - 2954
31/10/2018Milan vs Genoa2 - 1940
04/11/2018Udinese vs Milan0 - 1350
11/11/2018Milan vs Juventus0 - 294-4
09/12/2018Milan vs Torino0 - 0950
18/12/2018Bologna vs Milan0 - 0950
22/12/2018Milan vs Fiorentina0 - 1940
26/12/2018Frosinone vs Milan0 - 0960
29/12/2018Milan vs SPAL2 - 1824
30/01/2019Bournemouth vs Chelsea4 - 0650
02/02/2019Chelsea vs Huddersfield5 - 0948
10/02/2019Man City vs Chelsea6 - 0940
24/02/2019Chelsea vs Brighton---
27/02/2019Chelsea vs Tottenham2 - 0840
03/03/2019Fulham vs Chelsea1 - 2974
10/03/2019Chelsea vs Wolverhampton Wanderers1 - 1950
17/03/2019Everton vs Chelsea2 - 0660
31/03/2019Cardiff City vs Chelsea---
08/04/2019Chelsea vs West Ham---
14/04/2019Liverpool vs Chelsea---
22/04/2019Chelsea vs Burnley---
28/04/2019Man United vs Chelsea---
04/05/2019Chelsea vs Watford---
12/05/2019Leicester vs Chelsea---

Player's Stats for Season 2017-18

EFL Stats
2017-18 Value 11.0m
Total points 72
Player Ranking by Position 26
Player Overall Ranking 91
Match Stats
Matches Started 32 Clean Sheets 19
Matches Subbed In 3 Goals Conceded 24
Goals 16 Yellow cards 4
Assists 6 Red cards 0

Player's Stats for Season 2016-17

EFL Stats
2016-17 Value 11.0m
Total points 101
Player Ranking by Position 14
Player Overall Ranking 25
Match Stats
Matches Started 32 Clean Sheets 18
Matches Subbed In 6 Goals Conceded 27
Goals 24 Yellow cards 1
Assists 3 Red cards 0