Federico Chiesa Player Profile

Federico Chiesa
  • Federico Chiesa
  • Striker
  • Fiorentina
  • Serie A
  • 7.5M
Player Performance Multi League
Total Points 12
Overall Ranking 444
Ranking By Position 108
Performance/Price (P/P) 2.1

Player Summary

Chiesa is earning wave after wave of praise due to his impressive performances. Not only can he score goals, but he can also strike them like superstars! The question is what next for this emerging talent? Can Fiorentina keep him? Add Chiesa to your Serie A team here www.fantasyseriea.com or use our Mobile App here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.global_multimedia.fantasy_seriea&hl=en


Current Season Match Stats

Date Match Result Minutes played Points
24/08/2019Fiorentina vs Napoli3 - 4960
01/09/2019Genoa vs Fiorentina2 - 1950
14/09/2019Fiorentina vs Juventus0 - 094-1
22/09/2019Atalanta vs Fiorentina2 - 2776
25/09/2019Fiorentina vs Sampdoria2 - 1934
29/09/2019Milan vs Fiorentina1 - 3840
06/10/2019Fiorentina vs Udinese1 - 0950
21/10/2019Brescia vs Fiorentina0 - 068-1
27/10/2019Fiorentina vs Lazio1 - 2994
30/10/2019Sassuolo vs Fiorentina1 - 2970
03/11/2019Fiorentina vs Parma1 - 1940
10/11/2019Cagliari vs Fiorentina5 - 2730
24/11/2019Hellas Verona vs Fiorentina---
30/11/2019Fiorentina vs Lecce---
08/12/2019Torino vs Fiorentina---
15/12/2019Fiorentina vs Inter---
20/12/2019Fiorentina vs Roma---
05/01/2020Bologna vs Fiorentina---
12/01/2020Fiorentina vs SPAL---
19/01/2020Napoli vs Fiorentina---
26/01/2020Fiorentina vs Genoa---
02/02/2020Juventus vs Fiorentina---
09/02/2020Fiorentina vs Atalanta---
16/02/2020Sampdoria vs Fiorentina---
23/02/2020Fiorentina vs Milan---
01/03/2020Udinese vs Fiorentina---
08/03/2020Fiorentina vs Brescia---
15/03/2020Lazio vs Fiorentina---
22/03/2020Fiorentina vs Sassuolo---
05/04/2020Parma vs Fiorentina---
11/04/2020Fiorentina vs Cagliari---
19/04/2020Fiorentina vs Hellas Verona---
22/04/2020Lecce vs Fiorentina---
26/04/2020Fiorentina vs Torino---
03/05/2020Inter vs Fiorentina---
10/05/2020Roma vs Fiorentina---
17/05/2020Fiorentina vs Bologna---
24/05/2020SPAL vs Fiorentina---

Player's Stats for Season 2018-19

EFL Stats
2018-19 Value 7.5m
Total points 30
Player Ranking by Position 131
Player Overall Ranking 525
Match Stats
Matches Started 34 Clean Sheets 9
Matches Subbed In 3 Goals Conceded 44
Goals 7 Yellow cards 4
Assists 3 Red cards 0

Player's Stats for Season 2017-18

EFL Stats
2017-18 Value 4.0m
Total points 27
Player Ranking by Position 144
Player Overall Ranking 610
Match Stats
Matches Started 35 Clean Sheets 13
Matches Subbed In 1 Goals Conceded 43
Goals 6 Yellow cards 7
Assists 5 Red cards 0