Gianluigi Buffon Player Profile

Gianluigi Buffon
  • Gianluigi Buffon
  • Goalkeeper
  • PSG
  • Ligue 1
  • 8.5M
Player Performance Multi League
Total Points 42
Overall Ranking 110
Ranking By Position 16
Performance/Price (P/P) 5.8

Player Summary

Considered as one of the best goalkeepers of his generation, Gianluigi Buffon may be in the final season of his fascinating career. He helped Juventus return to glory with the club winning the Serie A title for the last 6 years. Buffon is also the most capped Italian player, however, his career ended prematurely following a disappointing exist to Sweden. During the 2013-14 season, he kept 18 clean sheets in 32 starts for the Bianconeri in Serie A. Is he on your FantasySerieA Team? Check Check the Mobile App


Current Season Match Stats

Date Match Result Minutes played Points
12/08/2018PSG vs Caen3 - 0927
18/08/2018Guingamp vs PSG1 - 3950
23/09/2018Rennes vs PSG1 - 3940
26/09/2018PSG vs Reims4 - 1940
07/10/2018PSG vs Lyon5 - 0917
02/11/2018PSG vs Lille2 - 1970
24/11/2018PSG vs Toulouse1 - 0957
22/12/2018PSG vs Nantes1 - 0967
19/01/2019PSG vs Guingamp9 - 0917
27/01/2019PSG vs Rennes4 - 1930
09/02/2019PSG vs Bordeaux1 - 0957
17/02/2019St-Etienne vs PSG---
20/02/2019PSG vs Montpellier---
23/02/2019PSG vs Nimes---
02/03/2019Caen vs PSG---
09/03/2019Nantes vs PSG---
13/03/2019Dijon vs PSG---
17/03/2019PSG vs Marseille---
31/03/2019Toulouse vs PSG---
06/04/2019PSG vs Strasbourg---
13/04/2019Lille vs PSG---
21/04/2019PSG vs Monaco---
28/04/2019Montpellier vs PSG---
04/05/2019PSG vs Nice---
11/05/2019Angers vs PSG---
18/05/2019PSG vs Dijon---
25/05/2019Reims vs PSG---

Player's Stats for Season 2017-18

EFL Stats
2017-18 Value 14.0m
Total points 66
Player Ranking by Position 14
Player Overall Ranking 111
Match Stats
Matches Started 21 Clean Sheets 11
Matches Subbed In 0 Goals Conceded 15
Goals 0 Yellow cards 1
Assists 0 Red cards 0

Player's Stats for Season 2016-17

EFL Stats
2016-17 Value 14.0m
Total points 77
Player Ranking by Position 13
Player Overall Ranking 76
Match Stats
Matches Started 30 Clean Sheets 13
Matches Subbed In 0 Goals Conceded 24
Goals 0 Yellow cards 0
Assists 0 Red cards 0