Zlatan Ibrahimovic Player Profile

Zlatan Ibrahimovic
  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic
  • Striker
  • Milan
  • Serie A
  • 9M
Player Performance Multi League
Total Points 20
Overall Ranking 23
Ranking By Position 8
Performance/Price (P/P) 2.6

Player Summary

One of Europe's best striker, Zlatan joined PSG during the summer following a successful spell with Milan. It can be said that Ibrahimovic is a winner since he has won with Barcelona, Milan and Inter. However, some tend to question his disappearing act in the big matches. It remains to be seen whether he can lead PSG to the French league title and challenge for the Champions League trophy.


Current Season Match Stats

Date Match Result Minutes played Points
21/09/2020Milan vs Bologna2 - 0948
17/10/2020Inter vs Milan1 - 2965
26/10/2020Milan vs Roma3 - 3967
01/11/2020Udinese vs Milan---
08/11/2020Milan vs Hellas Verona---
22/11/2020Napoli vs Milan---
29/11/2020Milan vs Fiorentina---
06/12/2020Sampdoria vs Milan---
13/12/2020Milan vs Parma---
16/12/2020Genoa vs Milan---
20/12/2020Sassuolo vs Milan---
23/12/2020Milan vs Lazio---
03/01/2021Benevento vs Milan---
06/01/2021Milan vs Juventus---
10/01/2021Milan vs Torino---
17/01/2021Cagliari vs Milan---
24/01/2021Milan vs Atalanta---
31/01/2021Bologna vs Milan---
07/02/2021Milan vs Crotone---
14/02/2021Spezia vs Milan---
20/02/2021Milan vs Inter---
28/02/2021Roma vs Milan---
03/03/2021Milan vs Udinese---
07/03/2021Hellas Verona vs Milan---
14/03/2021Milan vs Napoli---
21/03/2021Fiorentina vs Milan---
03/04/2021Milan vs Sampdoria---
11/04/2021Parma vs Milan---
18/04/2021Milan vs Genoa---
21/04/2021Milan vs Sassuolo---
25/04/2021Lazio vs Milan---
02/05/2021Milan vs Benevento---
09/05/2021Juventus vs Milan---
12/05/2021Torino vs Milan---
16/05/2021Milan vs Cagliari---
23/05/2021Atalanta vs Milan---

Player's Stats for Season 2019/20

EFL Stats
2019/20 Value 15.0m
Total points 45
Player Ranking by Position 53
Player Overall Ranking 199
Match Stats
Matches Started 15 Clean Sheets 5
Matches Subbed In 2 Goals Conceded 20
Goals 9 Yellow cards 1
Assists 5 Red cards 0

Player's Stats for Season 2018/19

EFL Stats
2018/19 Value 0.0m
Total points 0
Player Ranking by Position 0
Player Overall Ranking 0
Match Stats
Matches Started 0 Clean Sheets 0
Matches Subbed In 0 Goals Conceded 0
Goals 0 Yellow cards 0
Assists 0 Red cards 0
Too few data points to build a graph.