Rodrigo Bentancur Player Profile

Rodrigo Bentancur
  • Rodrigo Bentancur
  • Midfielder
  • Juventus
  • Serie A
  • 6.5M
Player Performance Multi League
Total Points 3
Overall Ranking 745
Ranking By Position 304
Performance/Price (P/P) 0.8

Player Summary

Juventus staff, including coach Allegri and CEO Beppe Marotta, have heaped high praise upon the young Uruguayan midfielder. He has been a pleasant surprise this season. He still needs to learn and gain experience but has already shown signs of how good he can become. Check out the Mobile App


Current Season Match Stats

Date Match Result Minutes played Points
20/09/2020Juventus vs Sampdoria3 - 0142
27/09/2020Roma vs Juventus2 - 2250
04/10/2020Juventus vs Napoli---
17/10/2020Crotone vs Juventus1 - 1970
01/11/2020Spezia vs Juventus1 - 4620
08/11/2020Lazio vs Juventus1 - 195-1
21/11/2020Juventus vs Cagliari2 - 0102
28/11/2020Benevento vs Juventus1 - 1180
05/12/2020Juventus vs Torino---
13/12/2020Genoa vs Juventus---
16/12/2020Juventus vs Atalanta---
19/12/2020Parma vs Juventus---
22/12/2020Juventus vs Fiorentina---
03/01/2021Juventus vs Udinese---
06/01/2021Milan vs Juventus---
10/01/2021Juventus vs Sassuolo---
17/01/2021Inter vs Juventus---
24/01/2021Juventus vs Bologna---
31/01/2021Sampdoria vs Juventus---
07/02/2021Juventus vs Roma---
14/02/2021Napoli vs Juventus---
21/02/2021Juventus vs Crotone---
28/02/2021Hellas Verona vs Juventus---
03/03/2021Juventus vs Spezia---
06/03/2021Juventus vs Lazio---
14/03/2021Cagliari vs Juventus---
21/03/2021Juventus vs Benevento---
03/04/2021Torino vs Juventus---
11/04/2021Juventus vs Genoa---
18/04/2021Atalanta vs Juventus---
21/04/2021Juventus vs Parma---
25/04/2021Fiorentina vs Juventus---
02/05/2021Udinese vs Juventus---
09/05/2021Juventus vs Milan---
12/05/2021Sassuolo vs Juventus---
16/05/2021Juventus vs Inter---
23/05/2021Bologna vs Juventus---

Player's Stats for Season 2019/20

EFL Stats
2019/20 Value 5.0m
Total points 25
Player Ranking by Position 236
Player Overall Ranking 594
Match Stats
Matches Started 25 Clean Sheets 10
Matches Subbed In 5 Goals Conceded 33
Goals 0 Yellow cards 9
Assists 7 Red cards 0

Player's Stats for Season 2018/19

EFL Stats
2018/19 Value 5.0m
Total points 35
Player Ranking by Position 158
Player Overall Ranking 411
Match Stats
Matches Started 21 Clean Sheets 15
Matches Subbed In 10 Goals Conceded 23
Goals 2 Yellow cards 7
Assists 3 Red cards 1