Premier League Striker Club Review – Arsenal


Time now to continue on with our review of the 2016-17 season club by club, and taking a look at how Arsenal’s strikers got on over the course of the most recent campaign.

With Arsenal disappointing in the league but becoming the most successful FA Cup side in history, opinion has been very much divided over the news that manager Arsene Wenger has signed on for another two years.

One thing that may well be near the top of his to-do list will be to see how he can reinforce his attacking power. With players such as Alexis Sanchez, Olivier Giroud and Danny Welbeck among the ranks there doesn’t appear to be much lacking in the striking department, but never once, in history, has a perfect team been formed. There is always room for improvement, and while keeping the services of Sanchez could prove a huge victory for Wenger adding a bit more support may not go amiss.

That is not to say that Sanchez hasn’t been pulling his weight this season, of course. Being rated at 12.50m will almost certainly have put many fantasy managers out there off his inclusion in their own squads, but his return isn’t half bad truth be told.

With a finishing score of 110 points, he was the 12th best striker in the entire game last season, and 18th best player overall. That puts him not too far off as near to a perfect squad as there can be. The 12.50m will have been a wise investment for the 1% or so of managers who decided to take the leap of faith. His Price / Performance (P/P) score of 9.1 is impressive, but his high value hampered that slightly.

Quite a way behind Sanchez – at least in terms of this season’s EuroFantasyLeague game – was Frenchman Olivier Giroud. He managed a decent return of 52 points from 29 appearances, and while his 12 goals may have been only half that of Sanchez’s 24 some of his goals have been vitally important. A P/P of 5.6 is OK but he will surely be looking to improve on that next term.

Former Man United star Danny Welbeck had a fairly forgettable season for someone with so much talent. Two goals and two assists from 16 appearances isn’t a great return, and that is reflected in his P/P of 2.2. He was valued at a tad over half that of Sanchez, but his 12 points earned will have been a disappointment for anyone with him in their fantasy squad.

On the fringes we had Lucas Perez, who was only just behind Welbeck on 10 points. They were gleaned from 12 appearances, but his 4.00m valuation gives him a marginally better P/P of 3.5.

Yaya Sanogo was the other Arsenal striker featured in this season’s game, but he failed to make a single appearance in relevant games, and so there is room for improvement should you choose to select him next season.

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