Four reasons Lazio still have much to play for in Serie A finale


A wild and wonderful Lazio season comes to an end on Saturday when they travel south to face Coppa Italia holders Napoli.

Gennaro Gattuso’s side have nothing but pride left to play for in the league, as they are guaranteed to finish seventh regardless of the result.

On the face of it, Lazio have little on the line either. They can still finish anywhere between second or fourth, but a Champions League spot is guaranteed either way.

Dig a little deeper, though, and you’ll find a few reasons to get excited about the climactic moment of a memorable campaign for the Biancocelesti.

Ciro Immobile’s quest for history Continue reading

How might Lazio solve their striker emergency against AC Milan?


The phrase ‘selection headache’ gets thrown around a lot in football journalism.

But it wouldn’t be a great surprise if the puzzle facing Lazio coach Simone Inzaghi on Saturday has had him reaching for the paracetamol.

The capital club came from behind to win for the second game in a row against Torino on Tuesday night, a result that kept Serie A leaders Juventus just four points away.

But their efforts came at a price, as strike partners Ciro Immobile and Felipe Caicedo picked up bookings that ruled them out of Saturday’s clash with AC Milan at the Stadio Olimpico through suspension. Continue reading

How Juventus is using the blockchain technology

Did you know that the Italian football club Juventus launched its own crypto token to reach out better to its fans? The token allows its fans to participate in polling decisions. To do this the Juventus Football Club entered into an agreement with the blockchain firm Sorare.

According to the signed contract, the club will provide rare digital cards of the club’s ionic players like Christiano Ronaldo. The digital cards are created on Ethereum technology; these represent the players with which fans can trade. However, this event is not the first of its kind because even earlier, football clubs have entered into partnership with blockchain projects. Using this token, Juventus fans can vote on any decision made by this team, like even the song to be played when the team scores a goal, and also enjoy access to their official merchandise.

Why are football clubs such as Juventus using blockchain technology?

Many football clubs have of late been gravitating towards blockchain technology. According to the CEO of blockchain company Socios; their company was able to include many popular soccer clubs in recent years. The CEO mentioned that the reason for this was that his company could offer the teams the chance to create “fan tokens” that would give their fans the chance to interact with them directly. This relationship is more symbiotic where both parties stand to benefit. With players like Ronaldo being associated with Juventus, it would give much visibility to the blockchain use in the football world. Since Juventus shows its belief in this technology, more and more people would be inspired to know about it more.

How is Juventus using blockchain?

Juventus has made multiple efforts to improve its online presence across social media websites. This is because football popularity grew dramatically in the last few years, mainly after the Internet and dish television. Incidentally, Juventus appears to have a greater number of fan-followers in Asia today. So, companies like Socios will try and help these international fans to come closer to their favorite clubs. Bitcoin, the pioneer in the cryptocurrency world, has influenced football clubs to sign up new players with bitcoin and also pay in bitcoin. The recent inventions like bitcoin revolution referred to as automated bitcoin trading bots are attracting top level investors to enter into bitcoin automated trade as they involve no efforts and time. Owing to this speed and spread of cryptocurrency trade, Juventus made the right decision to introduce their own crypto tokens. This had also boosted its social media presence dramatically. Distributing free goodies and VIP tickets have helped Juventus connect with its fans.

While blockchain use is the buzzword today, an average fan may not really be aware of the potential of this technology. The introduction of such tokens will go a long way in bridging the gap between fans and their clubs. Sports analysts feel that adopting the blockchain will help to boost fan participation all over the glove. This will automatically translate into higher revenues for all parties. When you allow fans to purchase crypto collectibles that lets them be a part of decision-making, you can be sure your fan base will keep growing. So, the blockchain will actually offer fans an opportunity to become more than regular fans; they will become super fans.

More launches are expected to happen with leading football clubs in the near future while many more are waiting to jump on the bandwagon. This will usher in a new age of fan engagement and may prove to be a game-changer in mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies.


How can football clubs make use of evolving technology to keep fans engaged?

Are you a football fan? If you are, do you not wish to be able to interact more closely with your favorite club and players? This is exactly what sports teams are now trying to do and sure for the hardcore fans of the game. The ideal and perhaps the best way to make it possible is to leverage new technologies. Football teams and leagues are now investing in creating a personalized experience for their fans.

How can new innovative technologies improve fan engagement?

1- If you can tap into the continuously-evolving digital technology world you can also focus on interacting with your fans and followers on social media, while placing emphasis on devices that your fans have access to, even inside stadiums.

For example, in the September 2018 New York Giants vs. Jacksonville Jaguars game, fans for the first time could place in-game bets online using a mobile betting app. When you do allow fans to enjoy real-time statistical updates, leader board views, data visualization and betting freedom, you can give them an out-of-the-world experience.

2- Football is getting into blockchain technology in a gradual manner, which is also used to engage modern fans. Various football clubs are working to bring their supporters closer through blockchain platforms. In addition, there are a few elite level football players who are into bitcoin trading and earning good returns.

The recent inventions like bitcoin loophole help traders to trade bitcoin autonomously without having to invest much time and energy. On the other side, the clubs are into launching their own cryptocurrency which the fans can use to buy tickets and other merchandise. The clubs are also signing new players using bitcoin and also paying them in bitcoins.

3- The truth is that sports fans are perhaps more loyal than any other fans and they remain quite dedicated to their teams. Thus, they would definitely appreciate it when their loyalty is rewarded. This explains why using evolving technologies is likely to offer an important opportunity to better manage your relationship with the fans. Community tools including apps and sites make it much simpler for fans to get vital information, whether it is the start time for any upcoming game or the beverage and snack options inside a stadium. With chat bots you can guide fans through any such app or website and address their queries faster.

4- With GPS-powered devices, you can offer rewards or send offers to your fans in a specific region. When there are loyalty programs for the most passionate fans, they are given an incentive to attend more games in the future. Implementing such loyalty programs is easy these days via sites and mobile apps. So, using any of these technologies can make your fans’ experiences better and more satisfying. It promotes a closer relationship between the team and its fans.

5- In the sports industry, social media has played a pivotal role. The athletes as well as the teams are visible on social media and known to market team-based content while an event is going on or afterwards.

For instance, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc stream highlights of popular games, and for the die-hard fans, this can be a huge bonus. Besides posting videos, teams and players can post polls, allow fans to interact with them through live videos and posts, and answer in-game questions from fans.

With live streaming fans, can enjoy an even better experience because they can get a view of the games and event experiences. It is also possible to create content highlighting the strengths of the team off-field. This turns them into something more real before their fans and the latter will be prepared to spend more money to see these players play. For instance, NHL entered into a partnership with Snapchat to offer an incredible fan experience.

6- Finally, teams are using augmented reality or AR and virtual reality or VR technologies to produce novel experiences for their fans; the fans can now sit on the couch and enjoy a front seat view. The fans can even feel more important and much appreciated as they are allowed to be a part of the games. Smart stadiums are now a big draw as these offer a great fan experience by offering live updates on statistics, directing fans to the stadium, and other useful content to boost the in-game experience.

Psychic Readers predicting top scorers & results in some leagues

Did you know that psychic readers can predict top scorers in leagues? While the idea may seem preposterous to you, the truth is there have been instances where a psychic has rightly forecast soccer results. Can you recall the incident when an octopus named Paul predicted results of all the World Cup matches correctly?

In 2017, a celebrity psychic had predicted the rankings of the 4 top teams in the Premier League as well as positions of the rest. She was known for making right predictions before this one on horse race results and winners of game shows. After arranging a tarot cards’ pack, Inbaal then took one card out for each team and predicted how it would perform the next season.

According to her, Arsenal would be in fourth position; it is represented by the Four of cup revealing that they have the confidence and will succeed even though they have not put in the expected workload. As for the 3rd position, it was to be held by Manchester United; it was depicted by the Hermit card which stands for a wise as well as lonely character. So, this means that United were not keen to be friends with others and they are not keen on celebrities.

The 2nd position was going to be Tottenham’s as the Star card stood for hopes that come true. She rightly felt that success was certain since the players got a lot of support from their fans and families, and they invested in keeping themselves happy. Finally, Chelsea would take the 1 st position with the Lust card that shows a cup being held up. This either signaled the main Cup or the league, but indicated a win.

Predicting the outcome of football matches is quite a tricky affair as surely most people have come to understand. It entails casting astrological charts for all players as well as the coaches. However, because of the overwhelming interest and craze centering on the sport, the best way to get an accurate score prediction is to actually analyze the psychic state, astrological chart and aura of everyone you can think of. It is right there where the Tarot cards can be of a big help.

To know how the tarot cards are read you can visit reputed online sites that deliver free tarot readings online. However, you need to ensure that the readings are provided by experts in the field of psychic reading. The readings usually last from 10 to 30 minutes and may also extend to an hour or more based on the questions and the answers given.

The Tarot can successfully predict outcome for big populations. When used correctly you can come to a set of general predictions. With statistical analysis, it is at least theoretically possible to get a more or less accurate prediction with a certain degree of uncertainty. While many people have gambled in order to predict the outcome of many sports events, some have turned to psychics and soothsayers for this. In the recent years, even robots and animals with supposedly psychic capabilities are being used for predicting results and scorers in games.

Best bookmakers for football fans in the UK

Betting in UK – information and best bookmakers

With a plethora of licensed UK bookmakers online, finding the best bookmakers can be a tedious assignment. To save you the stress of doing the research on your own, we’ve done the hard work and provided you with a list of best bookmakers in the UK. If you are in a hurry to get into the game with the best bookmakers, check the best bet offers in UK and take advantage of the options you have.

Before going ahead, it is important to highlight the criteria used in identifying these bookmakers to enable you to understand what to look out for when choosing a platform to bet on.

Guide to Choosing Best Bookmakers in UK

There are specific features and parameters to look out for when choosing the best UK bookmakers. In this section, we’ll highlight a few of them.

- Good odds: Betting with bookmakers with high odds means you’ll have high potentials for more wins, which makes long term earnings feasible.

- Excellent Offers & Bonuses: Great bonuses and offers significantly impact on your initial bankroll, which enables you to be more flexible with your betting.

- Easy-to-use App or Site: The bookmaker’s app or site should be easy to navigate to your best markets.

- Exceptional live streaming: Really, without great live streaming, live betting has no fun in it.

- Size of Events and Markets: The higher the number of events and market, the bigger the potentials, fun, and wins.

- Excellent Customer Service: A bookmaker of choice should be able to resolve its customers’ enquiries, issues, or complaints within a short period of time, if not immediately.

- UKGC License: You can’t ignore this as it can make or mar your betting experience at a bookmaker’s platform. It’s easy to know a site that is licensed. Look out for the logo of the Commission at the lower part of the bookmaker’s page.

- Payment Localization: Apart from the popular payment options like Skrill, MasterCard, and Visa Card, a good UK British bookmaker should also accept other British payment methods, such as Stripe and Ukash.

Best Football Bookmakers in UK

It’s very important to mention that each UK bookmaker is different from the other. Each has its own betting margins, with some having a competitive advantage in specific areas than the others.

The list of best UK football bookmakers we have provided below is based on some identifiable features, such as market odds, live in-play coverage, and range of betting markets for football, in addition to the criteria mentioned above. Below is a list of the top ten best football bookmakers in the United Kingdom:

Bet365, William Hill, Guts, Sportingbet, Unibet, Betvictor, Paddy Power, Betway, 22Bet and Ladbrokes


In addition to the parameters highlighted above, there are some other factors that you need to consider. You have to consider the additional features that make using the site a seamless process. For instance, a bookmaker with mobile betting apps will have an edge anytime as far as football betting is concerned.

The effect of the Quarantine on football & eSports

Prior to the spread of the Coronavirus, the eyes of fans were turned towards the Champions League, the top European competitions such as the Spanish Liga, Italian Serie A and the English Premier League. Stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Kevin de Bruyne, Mohamed Salah, Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe were occupying center stage.

Fast forward to the past few weeks, the Champions League and the Europa League have been put on hold while the European leagues have been suspended. Fans can no longer enjoy the likes of Messi and Mbappe while emerging players such as Erling Haaland can no longer showcase their skills and qualities. Football, and sports in general, have come to a complete stop.

What can the fans do during this difficult time to keep distracted from much of the negative news? One option is to look towards eSports.

How eSports and eSports Betting can “Explode” during the Quarantine

With the COVID-19 pandemic ravaging the world and the economy of the world taking a nosedive, the world of sports betting is not left out. Most major sporting events, including football, have been postponed or cancelled as the world tries to deal with the virus. With sporting events calendar suspended due to the pandemic, there has been a significant reduction in betting opportunities.

Interestingly, all hope is not lost for sports bettors. The eSports betting option appear to be filling a void as sportsbook customers look for exhilarating action during the lockdown caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Bookmakers are getting more creative and more eSports events are coming up, giving sportsbook punters the opportunity to satisfy their betting needs. If you are ready to join the action, try searching for the best
eSports betting sites to get started.

Impact of COVID-19 on eSports Events

It’s important to mention that the Coronavirus pandemic has also affected the eSports calendar, just like other sporting events. The only difference is that eSports is much more resilient because the matches can actually be played online. Players do not need to leave their homes or converge in the same place. Of course, having live fans in the gaming arena has its attractions and unique atmosphere but it doesn’t have a significant difference for hundreds of thousands of viewers and fans that are watching through live stream.

Based on this understanding, industry stakeholders are doing all they can to find a replacement for standard sports betting in order to keep their customers entertained and engaged during this dire period. So far, there have been indications that eSports betting value and volume is on the increase. According to the CEO of an eSports betting site, Quentin Martin, there has been about a 54% increase in registration of new players, over a course of a week when it was announced that the English Premier League would have to be postponed due to the pandemic.

Reasons for the Explosion of eSports betting during the Quarantine

Basically, players that are involved in sports betting would likely want to give eSports betting a try since there is practically nothing else to bet on. Many sports fans are either in lockdown or self-isolating and this makes access to a source of entertainment a major need. Interestingly, the only show that seems to be available to sports bettors is eSports. Therefore, it practically makes sense that this is the game that everyone in this category would turn to.

Additionally, eSports betting sites offer an easy way in which competitive tournaments can be accessed without the physical presence of both the players and the fans. Of course, any tournament would preferably be played at a physical venue but this is not required for eSports. By the way, this is the major reason for the continuation of eSports tournaments.


Without a doubt, these are challenging times for the world. For some, the Gaming world and eSports are a welcome distraction. eSports is bound to experience a huge explosion as many fans of traditional sports are exploring eSports for a much-needed escape and entertainment.

Before football stopped, Ronaldo, Immobile, Mbappe & Messi were on a great run

Prior the forced stoppage of football- and world sports for that matter- Lazio’s Ciro Immobile, Juventus and Portugal superstar Cristiano Ronaldo as well as PSG’s young star Kylian Mbappe as well as Barcelona’s Lionel Messi were all on a fine scoring run.

Lazio’s Immobile would be the winner of the European Golden Boot if the season ended today. He is having a great season and he is one of the main reasons behind Lazio’s position as second in Italy’s Serie A- just a single point behind current league  champions Juventus.

Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski is the closest challenger to Immobile but Portuguese star Ronaldo was posing a great threat to Ciro’s spot as top scorer in Italy. Ronaldo was in great form prior to the halt of football. Ronaldo had scored in 11 consecutive league matches before only providing an assist against Inter.

Elsewhere, Mbappe was also reaching peak form prior to the halt of matches in France. The PSG young hero had scored 4 goals in the last 3 league matches. Barcelona’s Messi remains a threat as usual and is on 19 goals in La Liga- with an impressive 12 assists to add to his tally in the Spanish league.

So what are the factors to be considered to explain why the players above are worth betting on for this season- if it ever resumes- and what reasons should be considered carefully before making a decision?

Different Betting Odds for the Same Events – How to take Advantage of that

If you want to have a competitive edge in sports betting online, understanding changing odds is very important. Why are there different betting odds for the same events and how can you take advantage of this? In this guide, we’ll offer the answers in a simple and straight forward manner. At the end of reading this, you should have a good knowledge of how it works and how you can leverage on the changes so that the next time you want to sports bet online, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on betting odds.

Getting the best odds could be crucial for getting higher returns and that is why odds comparison sites exist. You should take advantage of these to make the best of your sports betting online.

Important Note: Your Bet remains constant even when there are Different Betting Odds

It’s important to note that the changes or differences in betting odds in sports betting never affect your bet. Nothing changes with regards to your bet after putting in your money, irrespective of whether the bookmaker changes their odds or not. Let’s look at a simple analogy to best explain this.

Let’s say you buy a pair of shoes for $40 from a store yesterday and while going through the same store today, you found out that the store is running a sale and the same shoes is being sold for $30. There is nothing you can do about this.

Reasons why there are Different Odds for Same Events

There are three different reasons that can lead to a change in betting odds. First, breaking news can change the prediction of results. For instance, if the main player of a soccer team sustains an injury to its legs, the team would be unable to perform in accordance with the prediction and the sportsbook may change the prediction, which automatically changes the odds.

Second, the bookmaker wants to balance the books and decides to sell more bets on a side more than the other. Thirdly, the bookmaker wants to keep pace with competitors. If there is a big difference between the sportsbook odds and those of competitors, they may decide to change their odds to ensure they are not losing out.

How to take Advantage of Different Odds

Although there is nothing that can change your bet once you have paid but you can still take advantage of the different odds. The first thing you need to pay attention to is the timing. Think of how to make your bet at the best time for the best value. Betting at the early stage of a game can be pretty straightforward but the downside is that you can miss out on an excellent deal along the line. Sometimes, news about a major player, team, or horse may change the result prediction. The following tips can help you take the best advantage of different betting odds for the same events:

- Be intellectually committed to your betting
- Pay attention to the news
- Listen to sports and gambling experts
- Follow your favorite sports over the long term
- Use reputable online bookmaker

Haaland ready to fire club and country to glory once football resumes

By the end of the summer, Erling Braut Haaland’s stratospheric rise to the upper echelons of football could well be complete. Perhaps only the spread of the Coronavirus could stop the emergence of the great Norwegian talent.

Because of the pandemic, gone are the stories of Haaland playing part in Euro 2020, and even the aspirations for him to top the scoring charts in the German league must be put on hold. He could still emerge as a league champions if BVB can recover the four point gap separating them from first team Bayern Munich.

The young attacker bludgeoned eleven goals in his first seven appearances for Dortmund, and that incredible output has led fans of BVB to think that he could fire their team to glory on the domestic front – they are into odds of 11/2 in the outright Bundesliga winner betting market.

A key matchup, if and when the league resumes will be the clash between BVB and Bayern Munich. That may well settle the title race. 

Norsk Power

It’s been 20 years since Norway appeared in a major international tournament. They were dumped out of Euro 2000 in the group stage back then, and will be desperate to make up for lost time this time around.

The Norwegians are just three games away from booking their spot at Euro 2020 (since postponed to 2021). They must first defeat Serbia in a two-legged tie, which they should be able to according to football betting odds, and then get the better of either Scotland or Israel in an all-or-nothing clash. Again, the betting market would favour Haaland & his teammates over either of those potential opponents.

The winner’s reward? A spot in Group D alongside tournament favourites England and World Cup finalists Croatia.

Haaland, at 19, is a curiously late starter in international football given that he was rattling in the goals for Red Bull Salzburg as far back as January 2019.

He has only made two appearances for his country, and at one point it looked as though he might choose England as his preferred international team – he was born in Leeds after all, and his father Alf Inge spent many years in English football playing for Nottingham Forest and Leeds United.

But in the end he opted to follow his Norwegian roots, and after representing them at youth level – scoring plenty of goals, naturally – Haaland made his senior debut in August 2019 as part of their Euro 2020 qualification campaign.

That was the start of a long international career you suspect, and while Norway aren’t giants of the international scene what a fillip it would be if they could take their place in Group D of the European Championships.

For Haaland, it might just cap the most unbelievable of trophy-laden seasons.

European Fantasy League: Team of the season

Let’s hope that the football season isn’t over and the recent Coronavirus can be conquered enough for us to re start the seasons in their respective counties. However if that isn’t possible there has been talks that this season could be null and voided. That still feels unthinkable, but there is that chance. If so, if the leagues were to end today, which 11 players gracing European football would make the final cut in the team of the season for 2019/20?

Based on European Fantasy League’s point system let’s take a look at the winners, who have performed the best up to now.

Formation: 4-4-2

Goalkeeper: Marco Bizot- AZ Alkmaar (103pts)

Marco Bizot is having a great season and has the most points for a goalkeeper in the major European leagues. He has been able to keep an incredible 17 clean sheets for his club. He is valued at just 8m and surely is one of the outstanding bargains of the season.

Defender: Owen Wijndal- AZ Alkmaar (85pts)

Like AZ Alkmaar’s goalkeeper Wijndal has done very well this season. He has scored just one goal this season but that isn’t his job and we shouldn’t forget that he has also assisted in another 6 goals. He has been part of a team that has kept 17 clean sheets.

Defender: Trent-Alexander Arnold- Liverpool (84pts)

Based on his EFL points Trent-Alexander Arnold is far and away the best defender in the Premier League this season. He has made an outstanding 12 assists and been involved in the same number of clean sheets for his side who have easily been the best club side in England this season.

Defender: Virgil van Dijk- Liverpool (73pts)

Continuing with Liverpool players van Dijk is one of the best defenders in the game in world football today. He has scored 4 goals which is impressive for a defender and been like a rock at the back.

Defender: Andrew Robertson- Liverpool (73pts)

It’s incredible to think that 3 of the four best defenders in Europe play for one club in Liverpool. Robertson has been part of a defence that has help keep 12 clean sheets and Liverpool have conceded 20 goals this season when he has been in the side. He seems to improve by every passing season.

Midfielder: Mohamed Salah- Liverpool (99pts)

Of course Salah can play as an attacker too, but likes to drop back. Despite having some spells of non scoring he still has 16 goals and also has assisted a further six times too. He is a world class player and usually rises to the occasion time and again.

Midfielder: Oussama Idrissi- AZ Alkmaar (89pts)

Maybe not many people have heard of Idrssi but he continues to have a very good season in the Netherlands. He has racked up 89 points and been involved in 16 goals, scoring 13 of them. His value is just 7.5m and looks to be a real bargain.

Midfielder: Dusan Tadic- Ajax (87pts)

Tadic has not only scored 11 goals for Ajax but has also assisted in another 14 in what has been a stunning season so far for the talented player. His value is just 8m.

Midfielder: Sadio Mane-Liverpool (86pts)

Sadio Mane has been excellent now for 2 seasons and has mostly been the big difference for Liverpool in their attacking threat. He has been involved in 21 of the clubs league goals this season, a stunning stat and a very dangerous player.

Striker: Ciro Immobile -Lazio (118pts)

A star of Serie A, and one of the very good strikers of the past few years. But this one Immobile has really gone up another level. Lazio has a chance to win their first league in 20 years and most of that is down to his goals. He has 27 so far and has also assisted in another 7.

Striker: Lionel Messi- Barcelona (103pts)

A best of team wouldn’t feel complete without Lionel Messi. Barcelona and Messi have had their troubles this season but at the end of the day Barcelona are still top of the league and in the Champions League. Messi is also top scorer in La Liga and has 19 goals and an amazing 12 times he has set up for others.

Overall top 3 players:

1- Ciro Immobile- Lazio

2. Lionel Messi- Barcelona

3. Marco Bizot- AZ Alkmaar