Is Tottenham’s recent failures down to absence of Hugo Lloris?

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What a difference a few months makes. Back in July Hugo Lloris won the World Cup with France and had an outstanding tournament as he held aloft the famous gold trophy. The world was certainly at his feet.

His new season in the Premier League with Tottenham also started brightly as he oversaw his team winning their first three games of the season. Whisper it but at this stage Tottenham were being touted as one of the favourites to win England’s top tier competition something that they haven’t achieved since 1961.

But then a few weeks ago Lloris was arrested in London suspected of drink driving a charge that was brought against him and proven. The role model in Lloris would have cringed and he knew he had made a huge error. He was quickly fined £50,000 pocket money to him and was banned from driving for 20 months. Again he will just have a chauffeur for this and it won’t have to affect him. But that was never going to be the point of what had happened. This was all about pride and keeping his place in one of the best teams in England.

Since the incident he has been fined a further £250,000 by his club which will hurt but manager Mauricio Pochettino has had no choice but to do so, not only will Lloris never be so plain silly again neither will any other player senior or junior at the club that now knows Tottenham’s stance.

The stress of what has happened to Lloris was compounded by a thigh injury to the goalkeeper that has saw him miss the last 3 games against Watford, Liverpool and in the Champions League against Inter Milan. Michel Vorm has had to stand in and is it any coincidence that Totteham have lost all of those games?

Pochettino hinted that Lloris’ injury which is expected to keep him out until the first week of October may also be contributed to stress over his arrest and charge something that modern medicine would agree with. The body can react in certain ways that still surprise us and it has been a nightmare September for the French world champion.

What is clear is that the sooner Lloris is back in goal the better Tottenham will be, if he is the voice in the dressing room that they are missing or safe hands in goal he is integral to Tottenham’s confidence and success going forward.


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