Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos is spinning out of control


Sergio Ramos has always been a volatile player but he has also been such a figure head at the club and unquestionably one of the great defenders in world football as he has led Real Madrid to trophy after trophy, but lately it feels as if the player has lost the plot.

His latest problems started last week in the Champions League when Real Madrid the defending champions who have of course won the trophy for the past 3 seasons were playing Ajax away. Real won the game 2-1 but Ramos noticed something- that was he was one yellow card from suspension. If Real were to go through to the quarter finals which looks like it will now happen then he could have risked missing one of those games. However if Ramos was to be booked in this game against Ajax he would only miss the 2nd leg in Spain of which Real were winning 2-1. Ramos ended the game getting booked.

Conspiracies can start and end there as after the game Ramos appeared to say that he did indeed get booked intentionally to miss the next game. Of course UEFA have now opened up an investigation and if they find the player guilty then he could miss 2 or even 3 games in the competition.

Ramos admitted it and then changed his mind on Twitter, certainly the Real Madrid hierarchy had had a word with him. What is confusing is why did he admit it? And by doing so it showed a lot of disrespect to the opponent.

That aside at the weekend Ramos was in the news again. This time Real Madrid needing all of the points against Girona at home took the lead in the game only to end up losing the match 2-1 in what was seen as a big shock. The defeat could well effectively end the teams chances of catching Barcelona in La Liga, they are now 9 points behind their great rival and to make matters worse Atletico Madrid are in between them.

But this game isn’t over until it is over and Ramos put the icing on his week by getting sent off after receiving two yellow cards. So Madrid will be without him for their next game against away to Levante.

What is shocking is that the sending off at the weekend was Ramos’ 25th in his career and he is 32, with possibly another 2-3 seasons left at Madrid. Can he reach 30? For the club though this is another loss of a player that they need in defence. For Ramos the story continues and so does his consistency.

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