Spalletti warns Inter players to roll up their sleeves against Empoli


Luciano Spalletti spoke to the media in the aftermath of Inter’s 4-1 thrashing at the hands of Napoli last night. While keen to stress that qualification for next season’s UEFA Champions League group stage remains in the Nerazzurri’s hands, the Tuscan tactician did not hold back when asked what went wrong for his side at the Stadio San Paolo. Here is what he had to say:

“We didn’t start the game badly but then we made technical mistakes when building from deep. Their first goal came from that and we didn’t move the ball well from then on. They looked to press us quite hard and we did worse compared to other matches. I tried to do something different in the second half by playing two strikers but Napoli kept possession more, found more open space and ran more.

“When you have a performance like that, mistakes are made all over the pitch and the problem isn’t just in one part of the team. We made a mistake which cost us a goal. We then misplaced a few too many passes and we weren’t fortunate when taking our chances. When it became stretched, they showed that they were stronger than us.

“It’s a final for us, we need to be ready to play it. We need to maintain the composure of those who know how to assess things. The team played poorly tonight but our destiny is in our own hands. We need to take to the pitch to win because it’s a crucial match for us, we’ll either be in or out. We need to have the substance, composure and strength that an Inter side should have. You have to know how to withstand this kind of pressure if you wear this shirt.”

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