Danilo unveiled by Juventus

New right back Danilo, who joined from Manchester City in the Joao Cancelo deal, got introduced today by Juventus: “My first impressions were excellent, I was welcomed very warmly and I felt at ease right away. I want to give my best on the pitch.”

On Alex Sandro: “I talked to him several times during the process and it was very important to me, because he gave me positive indications about the day-to-day work here. It is nice to have a friend like him, we met ten years ago and we are very close. He will be helpful moving forward too.”

On Maurizio Sarri: “He has a very particular style. He obviously likes to have ball possession and control the game, we have seen that with Chelsea and also when I faced him when he was at Napoli. Those teams were tough to deal with, I like that style and I am used to it, I think I will have no problem adapting to what he is asking. I know that the defensive phase is important here in Italy, I have to learn as much as possible even though I am 28. I want to evolve. I talked to him, the first few days are nice because you take in new stuff. He did not ask me for anything special, just being careful in the back and play freely to express my potential.”

On Cristiano Ronaldo: “I spoke with him too, we joked around a little. I told him I asked for number 7 but it was taken. He was important in the decision too, he said that he was in a magnificent club and welcomed me with a smile. Playing next to him provides extra motivation. He is very happy and driven, that is the first step to achieve great things. He is very satisfied, he compared the club to a family and I appreciated that.”

On Juventus pursuing him in the past: “It is true, but I think things happen at the right time. I am happy and will try to do my best to fit in.”

On the lack of a Brazilian tradition at the club: “We will have to do something about it, of course respecting everybody else. I think it can be an important element for what we compete in. I hope to contribute to that next to Alex Sandro and Douglas Costa.”

On Dani Alves: “Every right back looks up to him for what he has been able to win and accomplish in his career and for how he approaches every game. He is a very skilled professional. He has a particular way to tackle every challenge and get better. I faced Juventus in a Champions League final and noticed his influence.”

On his trajectory between Porto, Real Madrid and Manchester City: “I think every moment is important for how you shape yourself as an athlete and as a man. My time in Portugal was magical, then the years at Real and City were useful to learn even though I did not play as much as I wanted. I acquired an offensively mentality and grew. I hope that can help me here.”

On number 13: “There were not many numbers available, then I believe a lot in numerology and it speaks about the dead, but actually represents the opposite, a transformation, new things and being open-minded about them. That is why it is special.”

On earning a call-up by Brazil: “It will be always be my goal as long as I play at a high level and feel worthy of representing my country, but it depends on my performances with the club. I think my exclusion from the Copa America was fair. I will try to play as much as possible to re-enter the fold for the World Club, but I few short-term targets before that. If a call-up comes, I will be happy.”

On Italian football: “It is very tactical, we defenders must be on point in every game. The coach will help me on that and I will try to pass it along to my teammates. Winning becomes easier if you do not make mistakes.”

On Champions League: “I have not discussed that yet, I know what it means for us players. It gives you a special thrill. What I can say is that we must face every game and every competition with the same seriousness otherwise you can not be successful. We must always concentrated to the max and that will help go deep.”

On Turin: “I did not have the chance to fully get to know it yet since I had just one day off and took a walk, then I had to go to London for some bureaucratic staff. It is very hot now, which is important. I think it is a city with simple persons, that welcome you well. I do not think me and my family will have troubles adapting, we have everything in place to be happy here.”

On Sarri and Pep Guardiola: “I do not want to make a comparison, every coach has his peculiarities. They have already asked me for different things, but I think their philosophy is similar in general. They both like to have the ball, which is a positive for me. I think that in order to be a great coach you can not just focus on the work on the pitch, the management of the players and the group is essential too. I saw that Sarri has a nice way of communicating his ideas, hugging his players and making them feel good. It is a positive thing about his work method.”

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