Sarri analyzes Juventus’ issues before Fiorentina game

Maurizio Sarri began the pre-game presser by addressing the fallout of the Napoli loss: “I do not care about any controversy, some of my words were exploited. It is obvious that I am attached to a group that allowed me to be hired by Chelsea and Juventus, the best team in Italy. You win over Bianconeri fans only with results, they were angry because we did not get a poor one there. Losing is heavy when you are in this club, doing in that manner even worse.”

On the defence: “We have had some sudden drops in intensity in the last period. We have to work on that but it is not easy when the problems are mental than physical or tactical. I am not worried about our numbers, but we are reflecting on them. We have had a good journey, we have done better in Champions League and Coppa Italian compared to a year ago. Our results have been fine, we do not have worrying numbers but we have had some worrying performances.”

On Fiorentina: “They play with an intensity that is hard to match right now. They can counter very quickly thanks to the characteristics of their players. We have to move the ball well and be in the right positions.”

On Sami Khedira: “He has been under the weather over the last few days. He is progressing well in his recovery but the timetable is still uncertain.”

On his legacy: “I would like to win something, although they have so much that it is hard to be remembered for that.”

On the trident: “It is not easy to assess the performances in certain contests, there are different factors in play. Some matches must not be weighed tactically too much, because we lacked energy. If we are strong tactically we can consider some aspects, otherwise we can not.”

On Miralem Pjanic: “He simply had a knock, he has practiced fully for a couple of days.”

On Gianluigi Buffon: “I do not know if he will start tomorrow, but he will surely break the record by the end of the season. We will resume playing every three days soon, he will be out there at some point.”

On Adrien Rabiot: “The starter on the left-hand side of the midfield depends on some situations we think we are going to encounter on the pitch. Blaise Matuidi is an important player for us, it depends on the type of game.”

On Emre Can: “Some stuff is normal, it can happen that one or two players out of 27 have troubles fitting in. It does not diminish him, he can be a key player in different systems.”

On the January market: “I do not care about what happens outside the pitch. I did not ask for anything in the last month, like I did not in the summer. I would be presumptuous for me to think to change this kind of roster, the economic effort would be conspicuous.”

On Douglas Costa: “He can make the difference, but we want to have him healthy for a couple of months in a row. We are trying to bring him along slowing. I take him into consideration in every game, but I have to be careful.”

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