Premier League player of the season? Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes has to be a contender

Make no mistake players stepped up and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer had an amazing period since the restart, but the reason Manchester United finished 3rd and will be playing in the Champions League next season is because of Bruno Fernandes.

Here is a fact about Fernandes which may blow you over: He has not lost a game in a Manchester United shirt. Fernandes may have only been at United since January but his contribution has been outstanding. Time and again the Red Devils have dipped into the transfer market to find the ‘United playmaker’ that would change their fortunes, players have come and gone, some in the form of Paul Pogba are still there. But in Fernandes United finally have a player that fans can get excited about once again.

Is it any coincidence that he is Portuguese? The last great United player was of course Cristiano Ronaldo, but that was a decade ago. Fernandes has done so much in just the last seven months that one has to compare him to Ronaldo. Maybe he will never get up to Ronaldo’s level but is Fernandes possibly United’s best buy since Ronaldo?

Despite only joining halfway through the season Fernandes ranks as the 4th best player for United on the Euro Fantasy League statistics. He got 62 points with Anthony Martial ranking 1st with 79 yet Martial has played 17 more games. This just underlines had Fernandes started from the beginning of the season surely he would have been ranked as United’s best player?

Fernandes like Ronaldo is adept at scoring and creating goals, he was an instant impact when he arrived and that is what got everyone excited at the club. He scored 8 goals in the league and assisted in a further 7. That’s a contribution of 15 goals, more than any other player in the league from that time period.

It’s incredible to think that he could have been bought for your fantasy team at just 4m. That is sure to rise for next season.

Fernandes will be relishing playing in the Champions League next season and helping his side bridge the gap to both Manchester City and Liverpool.

Should he be given the player of the season? In reality it would be harsh not to give it to a Liverpool player looking at the season they have just had, with many suggesting that club captain Jordan Henderson should get it. But Fernandes should be a contender, and he may well win it next season or the season after. He has been the player United have been looking for for some time. He is so good that maybe the club will feel confident enough to sell on Paul Pogba now.

For now the future looks very good at Old Trafford under Solskjaer’s guidance and the sublime playing skills of Bruno Fernandes.

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