The most important Barcelona elections in decades

So, the date has finally been set.

January 24, 2021 is the date when Barca’s loyal band of members go to the polls, but because of coronavirus, we can expect an election with a difference.

For a start, if there is no agreement to have electronic voting – one of the cornerstones of Victor Font’s candidacy for the future – then the amount of actual voters will be greately reduced.

That’s because of the various travel bans in place and the plain fact that there are many people not willing to travel in the middle of a pandemic.

Those who do put an X next to whichever name they see fit to lead the club in the immediate future, do so knowing that there is a week from the date of the election to the end of the transfer window.

For this season at least that could be crucial.

Depending on how the next six weeks or so go for Barcelona, that may well dictate whether the interim board decide to bring in any new players before the elections.

It’s known for example that Ronald Koeman is a big fan of Memphis Depay.

However, should Font get in for example, he’s already said that he will replace the Dutchman, so where would that leave the likes of Depay?

Of course, any new board will have their work but out in just about every area, albeit the transfer window will be of immediate and pressing concern.

Even if the elections have come too late to save this season, there is still a very important decision in play, and that’s to persuade Leo Messi to stay.

Whoever takes up the hot seat will have roughly four months to prove to the Argentinian that he should stick around at the club where he’s been all of his life, rather than looking to head to Manchester City and a reunion with Pep Guardiola.

It may well be that one of the presidential candidates has Pep as his manager, thereby ensuring one last hurrah at the Camp Nou.

That really would be something, with Xavi perhaps as assistant and ready to take over in a season or two.

For a variety of reasons, this is the most important Barcelona presidential election in decades.

It’s not over-egging the pudding to say that the future of the club as we know it is at stake.

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