Man Utd: The ongoing and unfortunate situation of youngster Mason Greenwood

Manchester United’s Mason Greenwood is going through a difficult phase in his career at the age of 19-years-old, where his name is all over the English media for the wrong reasons. From breaching the Coronavirus rules by meeting women in the hotel bedroom during the international break to apparently having attitude problems and arriving late to training, it has all been mentioned.

A few months ago, the youngster was regarded as a generational talent and someone that could be a crucial and influential player for club and country. With his movement on and off the ball, and the ability to play so comfortably with both feet and his incredible finishing in the final third, the rising star from Bradford simply has it all to go on to becoming the real deal for the next five to ten years.

However, the situation has now unfortunately changed for Greenwood, where a blunder he made on international break with team-mate, Phil Foden, has given the English press a free pass on constantly mentioning him in relation to any errors or mistakes he has made. For somewhat reason, Foden has received minimal criticism compared to Greenwood, despite the former being the individual who caused the issue in Iceland by asking two women to come to the hotel bedroom.

Since the event occurred in September, the Manchester United forward has made further headlines in the English media, where it’s stated he has; arrived late to training, been involved in an argument in training with Bruno Fernandes and has been regarded as a lazy player during training. Despite the remarks that have been made, Greenwood has constantly been backed up by manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, someone who has always wanted the media limelight to be away from the youngster.

Now, the main critic has to be mentioned, in other words, the English media/press, who are never writing about the good and positive stuff about footballers, but more about the errors and mistakes they make as well as about their lifestyle outside of football. Most importantly, the players that are being targeted by the media happen to be Raheem Sterling, Marcus Rashford and now Mason Greenwood, black English footballers who are on the verge of making a huge name for themselves.

When comparing the English press to the other media outlets in Europe, the former are becoming well known for building and hyping up the players only to bring them down instantly and constantly chasing after them on their off the pitch lifestyle. Meanwhile, the latter in countries such as France, Germany and Spain, they may have the odd negative story about a certain individual or player, but they do not turn the situation into an agenda or witch hunt against them, unlike the English media.

Not only that, the English media/press only like to show one side of the story or one side of the player, as they have completely ignored the fact that the 19-year-old is mourning the death of close friend, Jeremy Wisten, who had reportedly committed suicide days after being released by Manchester City. Despite the tough period he has gone through and is currently going through, there has not been one single bit of support and sympathy from English newspapers such as Daily Mail, Daily Mirror and the Telegraph, to look out for his emotions, feelings and thoughts.

Overall, the most important thing for Mason Greenwood is, to absolutely ignore the atrocious and unacceptable comments made by the English media, whilst always remembering that he has the much needed support of his family, friends, the players and staff at Manchester United football club and the Manchester United supporters around the whole world. The youngster will surely get past this difficult phase and go onto becoming the world class player that he is destined to become.

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