AC Milan vs. Torino: Team news, stats and prediction

AC Milan managed to grab their fourth consecutive win in all competitions last time out, prevailing in a tough away clash against Brescia by the odd goal. However, the performance was far from perfect by the Rossoneri, and they certainly have Gigio Donnarumma (and Ante Rebic) to thank for the win. 

At this stage of the season, though, getting the win is all the matters for Milan. In many ways, Friday’s win was a sign of strength by Stefano Pioli’s men. Despite the poor performance, they battled on and eventually grabbed the three points, although one could argue that they didn’t really deserve them.  Continue reading

Brescia 0-1 AC Milan: Fourth consecutive win for Pioli’s men as Rebic saves the day again

AC Milan managed to secure their fourth consecutive win in all competitions this evening, beating Brescia away from home. However, the game was far from easy for the Rossoneri as the home side controlled the play, creating several chances to really threaten their opponents. 

Brescia completely owned the first 15 minutes of the game, managing to play out of Milan’s pressure and thus gaining even more confidence as the minute passed. After just two minutes, Simon Kjaer was booked for the Rossoneri as he brought down Torregrossa, which meant he had to be careful the entire game.  Continue reading

Brescia vs. AC Milan: Team news, stats and prediction

AC Milan are gearing up to take on Brescia away from home this Friday, following the dramatic 3-2 win against Udinese last time out. The Rossoneri could grab their fourth consecutive in all competitions, which would further confirm that they are on the right path. 

Certainly, Stefano Pioli’s men have stepped up in recent weeks. In particular, two factors are behind the sudden change in form: the manager’s formation change – from 4-3-3 to 4-4-2 – and the arrival of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Both combined, in addition to a few other tweaks, have really sprung some life into this team.  Continue reading

Rebic makes his intentions clear; should he be a regular in AC Milan’s line-up?

After months of sitting on the bench, Ante Rebic finally got his chance for AC Milan last week. Playing the Coppa Italia game against SPAL from start, the Croatian did well to convince Stefano Pioli that he can do a lot for the team. Because, just four days later, he was the match-winner for the Rossoneri. 

Certainly, the former Eintracht Frankfurt man’s adventure with the red and black side got off to a rough start. Having to adapt to Italian football, as well as two different managers, the winger got lost in the mix as he never got a chance to prove his worth in the Milan environment. Continue reading

AC Milan 3-2 Udinese: Tops and flops for the Rossoneri

Despite conceding two goals, AC Milan managed to beat Udinese in front of a big crowd at the San Siro, thus claiming their third consecutive win in all competitions. The performance perhaps wasn’t top-notch, but the Rossoneri will be happy with the three points nevertheless, especially considering how the game was decided.  Continue reading

AC Milan 3-2 Udinese: Pioli’s men claim three important points as Rebic comes up big

AC Milan claimed three important points at the San Siro earlier this afternoon, beating Udinese by three goals to two. The scoreline reflected the game quite well and thankfully the Rossoneri got the final word, putting more pressure on the teams above them in the standings. 

The Champions League zone is now just seven points away for Pioli’s men, although Atalanta and Roma have a game in hand. In any case, the Milan fans can at least look at the upcoming games with a bit of hope, as certainly wasn’t the case at the start of the season.  Continue reading

AC Milan vs. Udinese: Team news, stats and prediction

After the important away win at Cagliari, AC Milan managed to grab yet another win on Wednesday evening as they took on SPAL in the Coppa Italia. Once again, the Rossoneri looked very confident and won the game without too many issues, putting three goals past the goalkeeper. 

In other words, after the attacking struggles at the start of the season, Pioli’s men have now scored five goals in their last two games. This certainly is a sign of improvement and they have the results to show for it. On Sunday afternoon, they will have the opportunity to make it three in a row. Continue reading

AC Milan 3-0 SPAL: Pioli’s men through to the quarter-finals with ease

AC Milan managed to follow up the win against Cagliari last weekend with yet another one this evening, beating SPAL with ease at the San Siro. Certainly, it was an encouraging performance by Pioli’s men, who now will face Torino ht quarter-finals of Coppa Italia. 

The Rossoneri started the game very well, immediately showing the away side their intentions for the evening. However, at least initially, SPAL managed to get past the Milan players despite the high line they faced. Pioli’s response? He ordered his players to push even further.  Continue reading

AC Milan vs. SPAL: Team news, stats and prediction

AC Milan managed to claim all three points (finally) away at Cagliari this weekend, scoring their first goal in three games. Certainly, the performance was an encouraging sign of what’s to come, should Stefano Pioli’s men be able to build on the display. 

As you would expect, Ibrahimovic was crucial for the Rossoneri, inspiring his new teammates. In addition to the Swede, Pioli also dared to switch things up with a new formation (the 4-4-2) and a few changes. For example, after the horrible outing against Sampdoria, he benched Suso in favour of Castillejo. Continue reading

Cagliari 0-2 AC Milan: Ibrahimovic on target as Rossoneri claim three important points

AC Milan finally managed to claim all three points, beating Cagliari at the Sardegna Arena this afternoon. The Rossoneri quite convincingly secured a 2-0 scoreline against the Sardinia side, thus grabbing their first win in three games. 

However, there is still a long way to go for Pioli’s side, although today’s clash was certainly a step in the right direction. Above all, the players looked very confident, which we haven’t seen much in the first half of the season. There is no doubt that Ibrahimovic’s arrival has made a big difference. Continue reading