Premier League clubs smash £1 Billion barrier in transfer fees


It’s finally happened the £1 Billion barrier has been smashed over the summer as Premier League clubs used the advantage of TV money to splash the cash to reinforce their teams ahead of the new season.

The transfer window shuts tight tonight and some more deals are still likely- though the bulk of these could be loan ones but the total figure is estimated to reach something like £1.1 Billion by the evening’s end. The billion barrier marks a new record from summer 2015 when the 20 clubs amassed a total spending spree of £900m.

The single most expensive player was bought by Manchester United when they spent a cool £89m on Paul Pogba from Juventus. But the club who have spent the most overall is Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City with nearly £170m.

United themselves lie in second place having spent almost £150m which means with a total spend of £320m the Manchester Clubs are responsible for 32% of all total spends from twenty clubs.

One of the biggest surprises is to see Arsenal in 3rd place where Arsene Wenger has finally repeatedly splashed the cash- in previous seasons the Frenchman was content with one big summer transfer- not so this season. The Gunners have splashed almost £100m.

Chelsea though could be set to take that 3rd place away from Arsenal if a rumoured £32m deal to bring back defender David Luiz from PSG materializes.

Champions Leicester City have spent upwards of £40m but there could well be some more transfers for the Foxes today which could take that total spend to £70m. The club who have spent the least are currently Burnley with £11m.

Tottenham Hotspur have surprised many by not dipping deep this summer and have spent just £29m, in a league of 20 spenders the North London club would be 14th.

Liverpool seem to have done the best business on a financial scale where they have spent £68m but they have sold £74m worth of talent and therefore have actually gained £6m overall.

The fees this summer have been smashed through the roof. At the turn of the 2010′s the summer spend was averaging out at £400m and in just six seasons that figure has almost trebled.

It will be interesting to see if the money spent by the most powerful clubs will give them a league title and or trophies, last season proved of course that anything can now happen in the very unpredictable Premier League.

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